1st day at new school

I woke up at 6. Got ready for school. My chacha took me to school. My Orientation Programme was in the Lounge. The Principal welcomed us to the school: Said we need to bring our own tiffin and water bottle. We must not think that if we take these things we would be considered as small children. We are not allowed to take our mobile phone to the school. If we are found using it, we would be fined and if we repeat we would be suspended. Then we were taken to our respective classrooms.Everyone appears friendly (No one knows anyone, so obviously everyone would appear friendly).

First class was Physics. We started with Dimensional Analysis. Next was English. The teacher (whoever he/she is) was absent. During the recess, someone came and said there was ragging going on in the corridors. We were afraid to go out of class. Then came the Chemistry teacher. She told us about our syllabus, exams and school. I need to buy lab coat and specs. In second last period, the Maths teacher cum our class teacher came. My first impression about her was that she was a foreigner. She was very interseting. Talked for more than one period about school, we introduced ourselves and asked our queries. Maam has given us homework to surf the internet and find applications of sequences and series. Nice work to start with.

Came home. Fooled everyone, saying that this school is very bad, angry teachers, unfriendly students and so on…

To summarise, my first day at my second school was great. I didn’t feel for a moment that I had been to a new school 1500 kilometres away from my school!!


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