Sorry!!! Coming soon!!!!

Hi everyone, everyone who is anxiously waiting for more updates to my blog...

Actually, I am currently in hostel and have been very very busy over the past 2 weeks. Moreover, I am having my Monday Test (Chemistry) on 28th and I am not at all prepared for it... mainly stoichiometry. But I promise, I am going to try and put more entries as soon as I can...

Instead of day-by-day entries, now I am going to post topic-wise 15 days at new school/hostel/anything...So U can keep a watch....

Thanks anyways for reading this entry...



  1. i m comentin on all recent entries

    dekh u had tried 4 da best but got somthin not much less dan b happy wid da school u got....u did da rit thin ba choosong vk......atleast u ll b happy dat u got it on ur own efforts. raha school aur ghar k day every 1 has to go away 4m dem.........hum sab bhi to door hain apne family se.slowly u ll get aquainted wid it.
    chal all da best 4 ur future


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