Yes, I am talking about this very piece of writing! Do not read this because by doing so you would just be wasting your time. Don't believe me? Ok, don't! Go ahead with reading this and you will realize for yourself!

You must have seen that at all places and at all times, rules are made, which are supposed to be followed. But have you ever seen people following those rules? No? Even I haven't seen! After all, Rules are meant to be broken! We people follow this saying as a philosophy of life. At roadsides at some places it is written that "This is not a bus-stop. Please don't stand here". And people crowd at that very place for the bus! At many places, it is written on walls that "Do not paste posters here". Ever seen that? No? Arre, how would you see?? There are hundreds of posters already concealing the writing!! You can easily spot many more similar examples as soon as you step out of your house! It's not that people do not read these rules or are unaware of them! If they don't read the rules then how are they going to break them? But who cares? Who listens to rules? Students are found in the canteen or PE field more than they are found in the classroom, even after the teacher trying to input some sense into them loads of times!

Now look at me! I was asked not to write any such rubbish entry like this one! But did I listen? I asked you not to read this, but did you listen? Did you? You are just going on reading, reading and reading! Not even thinking to stop reading even now! You are good-for-nothing, seriously! Ajeeb besharam ho! Itni beizatti hone ke baad bhi you are going on reading! Atleast stop now! Come on, how much are you going to read? Ever read you textbooks with so much concentration? Just see, how you are going on reading my writing so intently, as if I am writing the next Harry Potter phenomenon! This is why I was asked not to write this! You are just stuck to reading this! Going on reading... going on reading...So, you are not going to stop?? Eh?? Ok, then let me stop writing! Ab aage padh ke dikhao!!

P.S.: Guys, now that you have read this entry, just check out the comments to see who wrote this!


  1. Hi Guys, I am happy that you liked this entry and are here to post your comments! But before that, it's time for a post-script!

    Well, I am no thief! I haven't written this article myself! I read this in the 2009 edition of Jhankaar, the annual magazine of MBICEM, my to-be institute. And because I liked it, I thought sharing with the larger audience should do good and can bring a smile to loads of many faces! I merely transaleted this to English from its original Hindi!

    This article originally belongs to POOJA SAKLANI, who is most-probably a student (or alumnus) of MBICEM. I would like to give credit to Pooja for this article. Pooja, I don't know who you are, but if you are reading this, then first of all, I would say a "Sorry" for copying your idea and Secondly, I would like to congratulate you for such a brilliant idea! Hats off!! By asking not to read you have actually managed to get many reads and bring smiles and laughter to many hearts!! Congrats!

    Guys, I would love to receive comments about the article and this Postscript....and I would make sure the comments reach Pooja, if that is ever possible!

  2. pooja/antarik bhaiya...the post cud have been funnier..
    amlan mohanty

  3. Amazin pooja and you too antarik.......
    its really an outstanding piece of writin.....
    really hats off to pooja and to u too dear....
    its really.....i dont have words to describe how nice is it.....

  4. great!!!!!!!!!! i really liked ur idea or may be of pooja but watever it may be, it was humourous, at the same time intersting too. it's gud to see u giving different tastes to ur readers everytime. fifa, then rules wid all the absurdities and lets see wat's next. 'ope u write something serious and sensible this time to rejuvenate our spirits.

  5. @rakesh, pratyasha- glad that u lykd this!!
    @amlan- would surely try to make it better the next tym! :0

  6. great antarik and pooja
    d blog is fantastic.u
    guys have have made it
    intresting n funny.
    afterall d genius have
    worked hard n made
    it ought
    2 write more atleast
    we readers would find
    something valuable n
    recall our precious


  7. @amita...thanks!!
    by the way, this is the only article from pooja that i hv translated..i dont evn knw who she is!
    All others are my original and authentic work! ;)


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