Yesterday I was watching 3 Idiots on Sony TV and for me, watching a movie on TV has been a rare opportunity over the last two years. During the commercials, I happened to spot the first ad for the fourth season of KBC. Big B’s unique ‘lock kar diya jaye’ is going to be back on the small screen. The one thing that caught my interest during the 15-20 sec. ad was the logo of KBC. And guys, if you haven’t noticed, let me inform you that the logo has gone through a phenomenal change since the last time we saw it on TV. Yes, the over sixty year old ‘Rs.’ has been replaced by the new symbol of the rupee. The new symbol was adopted on 15th July. The government said it would take at least 6 months for the symbol to be accepted by the people of the country and almost 2 years for its recognition all over the world. Well, with KBC accepting the change so soon and senior bachchan endorsing the show once more, it might not take so long after all!

Now here comes the interesting part: With the return of KBC, I was reminded of some very sweet memories. Almost five years ago, when King khan was not yet the face of KBC, I myself had had the opportunity of hosting one episode of the yet-to-come Kaun Banega Crorepati-3. I am serious!! And guys, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that you never got to see that particular episode on TV. On 22nd October 2005, I hosted that episode with no cameras and no publicity, but a lot of live audiences! As part of the first Annual Day Celebrations of the children’s club founded and headed by me for 3 years, I and my friends (all members of the club) had staged a one-hour long play- Kaun Banega Crorepati-3 and that had been a huge success with the Chairman-cum-Managing Director of Mahanadi Coalfields Limited, the chief guest for the evening, praising our efforts and over a hundred visitors (including our parents_ applauding our performance. I am reminded of this now because I remember asking my art teacher, Mr P M Satapathy, to paint a poster of the logo of KBC-3. Have a look at some old pictures (the pictures are not so clear, I know that!):

Sankalp, me and Saurav holding the poster-the KBC logo
Hosting the play at the Annual Day Celebrations
On the hot seat..
A photo of some of our members taken on 15 Aug 2007
Trying my luck at the real KBC and sitting on the real hot seat- well that might not be a  distant dream, now that I am already 18!! ;)


  1. Dude!! your every blog is different & interestin 4m d odr...... Its alwys smthing new nd interestin.............. u hv really got a gr8 writin capacity........
    Good job....

  2. Great!!! U drag ur readers' attention in such a nice way wid lots of enthu to see wat's new on ur blog.I was really eager to know how could u be the host but he! he! u r always funny. Anyway, u r no less than BigB(not in heights but brains!!!!).Gud job.

  3. @Geetartha- thanks buddy!
    @pratyasha- hehehe....!! :) glad u lykd my style!

  4. nyc work..!! bt hot seat pe baithne k lie dimag chahie hota hai...jst in case u were thinkin to go..!! lol hahahaha (c i commented) :p

  5. atleast this tym i knw who dis anonymous is! Siddharth Saxena...thanks 4 ur comment...ab kya kar sakte hain agar aapka dimaag aapke ghutnon se bhi niche hai!! :P

  6. Do not read this article ws really nyc n interesting. KBC article ws an xciting suspense. Nyc writing style n organization. Keep it up!!!

  7. well as said by pallabi, ur writing style is really fantastic....d reader gets d enthusiasm to read more n more.....i m lovin' it.....

  8. Hey man,hi.Good work there bro.Excellent write ups and nice pics too.Keep up the good work.-Sasank.


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