The Fourteenth Day of February

After my previous overly-emotional kind of an entry I thought a refreshing and rejuvenating entry had to come about and with today’s significance in most of ours’ lives, I thought writing something about today won’t be a bad idea after all!

Today, the fourteenth of February- that’s probably one day which almost all of us recognize at first sight itself- the Valentine’s Day. Well, I don’t think any of my readers would like an explanation of what this day is, as I am sure all of us know all about this day, isn’t it guys? So I think I would put forth my experiences and views about this day in the coming few paragraphs. Seriously, 19 years of life has given me enough experience for that! Hehe…

Before three years, when I was at Sambalpur, surely Valentine’s Day was known to all but it was a hush-hush affair everywhere there. After I came to Delhi and stayed in a hostel for two years, I had had enough experience in regards to this “lovers’ day”! It was here that I actually got to understand the importance of this day- the fourteenth of February- wow! Almost a month before the D-day, my friends had their plans on about what ‘special’ they were going to do on this ‘special’ day for their ‘special’ someone. And the amount of planning, discussions, debates and thought-processes that went into it was just ummm…..HUGE!!! Seriously, I never thought before this that the day called the fourteenth of February was soooooooooo important. Amazing!!

It is for the first time this year that I am actually seeing the V-Day Delhi, in fact, the V-Day atmosphere everywhere. Starting right from my friends and faculty, to the flower sellers and the gift shops, the fourteenth of February is not an unknown day for anyone. I wonder what the statistics say about the popularity of this day. Surely, it’s more than even New Years Day, don’t you think so? The rates of a single red rose can go up from Rs. 10 to Rs. 30 on this day- that’s a 300% increment in the Selling Price. And of course, even at such levels of inflation, the demand is not met satisfactorily. It is actually difficult to find a flower vendor with fresh red roses today. Reason? Every single piece sold out!

Now if I move on to thinking about the day, I am actually amazed at how we all perceive this V-Day! Questions like “Who is your valentine?” and “What are your plans for today with him/her?” are not at all uncommon. So are questions like “Are you still single?” and “Any plans of a valentine ever?” Well the concept of Valentines Day has gone through a lot of water already. (In reference to facebook terminology,) Those of us who are “committed” or are “in a relationship” are the usual romantic lovers who have long plans for this D-day- the fourteenth of February, and the ones who are “single” or whose relationship status is “it’s complicated”, well for them- it’s complicated. Surely, Valentine’s Day is surely not meant for just lovers! And even if it is, “lovers”, may not mean just the romantic lovers! I am sure it can include everyone who cares for us- our parents, brothers, sisters, best friends, the loving neighbours, the no-blood-relation-sharing siblings or in fact anyone else we care to think about, isn’t it?

One important thing I had almost forgotten about is the loads and loads of SMSs that I have received all related to this fourteenth day of February. The first one I came across was the February 14th Dress Code. Seriously, before reading that message, I had no idea that if you were wearing black it meant that you were not interested in love, if you were wearing red, you were committed to someone and if you were wearing blue, you were welcoming prospective applications! Wow! Another one gave the importance of each day of the week before the fourteenth day of February. Rose Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day…great! But the one message that I was completely fascinated was the one which showed the importance of the days after the fourteenth. One version of the message said that on 15th you are supposed to celebrate Slap Day and 21st is supposed to be Break-up Day. I mean, this is like- wow! Don’t you think so?? Hahaha….

Whatever may be said, this historical day- the fourteenth of February- has surely gained high prominence in the lives of the modern youth and surely this is one day we all can look forward to in the calendar and plan our next Valentine’s Day. Are we going to enjoy our time by looking at the so-many couples all round the place or are we going to be one of them ourselves?? Hehe…keep looking for the answer!

Awaiting your valued comments. Do let me know how you celebrated this V-Day and what are your expectations and hopes for the next year and the years after that!

Till then (and after that as well), may Cupid bestow his love on all of us! And yes, wish you a very happy and enjoyable Valentine's Day! :)


  1. good I really liked the entry.I am still thinking of some points that could have been added.

  2. do u hav any idea about communits like bajrang dal and their practices during these day..i mean they comletely boycott these mode celebrations ..
    do encorporate them into ur piece otherwise ur piece is a super blend btw contemporary and conventional mode of celebration of love..
    gud job

  3. That was pretty coool bhaiya.
    Thanks about telling the dress code.

  4. So was anybody your VALENTINE????

  5. love is not about how to forget but how to forgive .. not to see but to feel .. not to hear but to understand not to let go ...
    valentines atmosphere is really special ... valentines is something for u n me types.. both ur life and my life getting converting into our life is valentines.. no big words no heavens all should be an understanding care and a loving hand ... everyone needs care and love but one should get his or her mr. right and 14 th of feb becomes the best day os lifetime...

  6. dude its gr8!!!
    i dint tuk ny f ur ideas....infact m reading it after o published my9....hahhahha......
    its a gud 1 yar.....nice efforts...

  7. I seriously wonder how people expect that I would reply to them when I know them as some Mr/Ms Anonymous!! Please mention your names people! Its a request!
    @anirudh- thanks...wil jst chk ur blog :)

  8. Interesting piece of wrk..
    gud job done...

  9. @awantika- mine? well, i m glad i m still single!! :)

  10. Nice post, Antarik. The media and the marketing machinery have made this day what it has become, with all its controversies, rituals, and well, even complications. Enjoyed your take.

  11. u write really really well, Antarik. i was wondering how u published a post for a future date but later realized u wrote it last year. brilliantly written


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