Life after cell phone confiscation!

Today after almost one whole year I am facing a situation when I do not have my cell phone with me. If I am saying this then you must be wondering what was the situation a year back. Well, for those of you who are unaware of my DPS VK days, let me inform you that while I was in the hostel there I used to be one of the “obedient” boarders who used to follow the rules strictly- submit the phone to the warden and get it only on the prescribed days and not carry a second ‘latent’ cell phone with me. So at that time I was used to the situation when I used to have my phone only on Tuesdays and Fridays (and sometimes luckily on Saturdays as well, if the warden forgot to collect our phones [:)] ) and that was a time when I could say I can live without a phone. I was not addicted to my cell phone!!

Today, due to an unexpected stupidity and after a healthy joke, my dear cell phone was confiscated at college and for some reason I felt I should let it remain confiscated for some time. It might have been sheer stupidity but for four hours I went completely out of touch from the world and by the time I woke up (yes, I was sleeping) it was now time to actually appreciate and analyse the effect the cell phones have had on us.

In the last few hours, many good and bad realizations have popped up in my mind. I am sure you wouldn’t mind if I share them here with you. Would you? Try imagining these situations…

Some disappointments:
  • You put your hands into your jeans pockets with the hope of getting your phone out and checking if there is any new text that you might have missed, but as soon as you put your hands inside, the realization dawns that you do not have the device with you! Disappointing, is it??
  • Normally when you are out somewhere with a friend and your friend is busy on his/her phone either texting or talking to someone, you while away your time by taking your phone out and just browsing through the menus or the inbox. You want to ‘show’ your friend that he/she is not the only one who can be busy.  But when you do not have a phone, then what do you do? Silently sit idle??  
  • You are alone and there is no one near you who you can talk to. You type a “Hi…” in your phone and send it to some friends and await their replies. Surely you are not the only one who has nothing to do. Surely you are not the only one who is lonely and wants to kill some time. Surely you are not the only one who needs someone to talk to. So you get a reply from at least some. And you are actually able to kill some time and you don’t even realize it. But what if you do not have that device called the cell phone?? What would you do? Just sit silently alone?

Some happy faces:
  • You do not have the device due to which people get disturbed when you send them a message or call them up when they are in an important meeting with someone. Thanks to you not having that weapon of disturbance, someone somewhere didn’t get disturbed due to you.
  • You constantly get messages from that one person who keeps on sending you messages, irritates you to a level that you start ignoring messages from that person and leave them unread, and when you do not have your cell phone, well, ‘karle kitne message karega, mai to nahi padhne wala’!! 
  • It is not you but your friend who due to some non-untoward incident is not having his/her phone. You will smile and think ‘at least a day came when I am gaining more importance than your phone gets from you every time’! :)
  • And of course, when you sleep you would not be disturbed by your phone’s vibrations due to any untimely texts or incoming calls; in other words, you can sleep peacefully for as long as you want. Hehe…

If you have the guts then I dare you to accept this challenge: Try living one day without your cell phone and then you will realize how much importance that small device has in your life!! :)

It’s been just 7-8 hours now since when I don’t have my phone and I won’t be having it for another 10 hours at least and I am really happy at the fact that my phone hasn’t gained more importance in my life than humans around me. I can’t live without talking to real people with direct eye contact but I can live without my phone; I can live without talking to virtual-people or texting on my phone! Can you?

P.S.: I have so much work to do which are actually so much more important than this blog writing of mine, but still I am writing this blog just because I want to and I’m lovin’ it!!

P.S.: And today I can’t even message my readers to update them that I have an update on my blog because my phone has been confiscated!! Well, a message will come to you, but some hours late!! Hehe…:)


  1. I am SORRY Antarik.Your phone got confiscated because of me..

  2. I am Sorry and yes I some how checked the blog for reading an entry like this.. Sorry For the Incident..

  3. Too much attachment to anything or anybody is injurious to health. Better not to get addicted to anything. Life is much easier to live and enjoy when you are not addicted to anything/anybody. Try it and you will realise what a beautiful place the world is, to live in.
    Anyway, well written.

  4. @Pritesh- Its ok yaar..u neednt be sorry..i could have got the phone back but i didnt, cuz i wanted to experience a day widout a mobile phone!! :)

  5. Nycly writen... Itz indeed interestin... 1ce, my phn wnt out f balance n I tried 2 liv 3 or 4 dayz widout it... Realy satisfyin... Nw, whenevr I go out f balanc, I jst try 2 liv so 4 a day or 2 n datz realy interestin... Thngs n ppl r valued b4 v hv dem or aftr v lose dem... Fact...

  6. once again a nyc entry...wel u forgot to mention one thing which i noticed yesterday...u wanted 2 know d tym bt u dint had d cell n neither ur watch...poor you

  7. i have survived 10 days without cell phone !!!!!!! beat that !!!!!!!! :D :D :D....and..nice entry :)

  8. gr8 antarik ..........even i hv xperienced d same 4 2 days wen my cell hd broke lyf felt as if it has lost someone special........ooouuuufff me shilpa


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