"Why do you write blogs?"

This seemingly easy to answer question was put up to me by my best friend just a few minutes back. Well, he asked it in the general sense that why I dont do anything else to pass my time, why do I only write blogs. I did have an answer to his questions, but didn’t give one. The reason? This very evening while I was covering a long lonely distance in the metro I was thinking of writing a blog entry on this very topic- why I write blogs!

I had just updated my facebook status to “Why do I write blogs?” And people did answer it by giving wonderful replies like “because you are vella”, “Because you like to flaunt”, “for time-passing” etc. One of my friends even mentioned that it was a good platform to get to know me, which was otherwise not easy!!

Having already thought of this topic for nearly 45 minutes in the metro, I now have some points which I am going to bullet below that would tell you why I actually write blogs. Do let me know if you are surprised by any of the points mentioned. And I bet you are going to find these super-boring except may be the reason mentioned in number ummm….you decide that!!

Reason number 1: My blog writing started when I saw Big B’s blog for the first time in May 2008. I wondered if it was possible that so many people from around the world would be interested in knowing what was going on in my life if I write a blog for myself. Well, that was the fascination that prompted me to start this blog writing which has improved my writing skills tremendously in the last 3 years.

Reason number 2: I love writing and probably this is one of my strongest points. So when I started writing on this blog, I always had the urge to write something more interesting for the next time. And so my love for writing grew and my blog grew in popularity.

Reason number 3: I like it when people appreciate what I write. Some time back I had actually grown into the habit of writing a new blog entry just so that people would read it and appreciate it. I had started making my blog ‘commercial’, that’s how a good friend of mine termed it!

Reason number 4: I like the fact that I write blogs. One of my most respected teachers at college recently pointed out to me that a piece of writing I had done wasn’t as good as he expected from me. He said that it didn’t have the essence and ‘life’ in it as is normally the case in my blog entries. He said what I wrote in my blog appeared more like coming directly from my heart and so was more interesting to read.

Reason number 5: My work doesn’t go in vain. For the first time after almost two years I got appreciation from people for my blog writing. Suddenly I was surrounded by people who valued my interest and didn’t term my interest as mere ‘time wastage’. That was the transition from the scientific bend of mind to the artistic way of life.

Reason number 6: I write blogs when I have nothing to do or when I feel deeply about something. When I have nothing to do, blog writing is a nice way to pass my time. And I am able to write successful blog entries only when I am deeply fascinated by something I observe or something that affects me.

Reason number 7: Probably the most important reason why I write blogs comes now. It helps me to change my thought process. By this I mean that by writing blog entries, I try to divert my mind to something else when it is deeply disturbed. It helps me in catharsis as was evident in one of my very recent entries. It gives me the feeling that I am interacting with so many people (my readers) when actually I am seating alone physically somewhere. And so after keeping my mind involved for some time in my blog, I feel better. (That surely doesn’t mean that if I say I am writing a blog entry, it would mean that I am feeling lonely!! Hehe…)

These were the top seven reasons as to why the hell in the world I chose to write blogs for a pastime! I hope now I won’t be asked this question again, because then the person who poses the question will have to listen at least ‘seven’ good reasons for an answer! Hehe…

I hope you had a good time in reading this ‘super boring’ blog entry. I seriously didn’t know I would have so many reasons to tell you why I loved to write blogs!! This actually tells that this blog is making me think imaginatively! Hehe…:)


  1. boring tha...dint read pura pura.....!!!

  2. u know i have got an inspiration from u writing blogs... and yes seven reasons were really intresting... and i was right antarik we can know u through ur blogs:))

  3. interesting reasons...
    bt flaunt toh tum karte ho

  4. hey antarik making anything 'commercial' isn't a bad thing after all! Imagine Chetan Bhagat or say JK Rowling not publishing their books thinking its 'commercial'!.....

    Don't write for the sake of commercialising but after you have written, if its worth it then there's no harm in doing so...hehehe


    P:S:- keep informing us about your work too!I mean the sms alerts! Waiting for your next !

  5. Wow!
    A blog entry bout blog entries...
    Thats cool!

  6. Writing is the best art of venting out your feelings which otherwise you find hard to do. Writing is the best creative art. People like Chetan Bhagat have shown that writing can be one's profession also.
    Great writers like Charles Dickens, Tagore, Tolstoy and the like had never thought of writing as career. They were doing it just because they felt like doing it. But people of this generation can think differently.
    Keep up the writing habit. Don't forget you are different on this front. Everybody has feelings and experiences, but all cannot put that in words. Weaving words to make interesting reading is something god given. And commercialization of art makes it one's profession. What is wrong in it?
    Continue doing the job. Appreciation and criticism both are good. The first uplifts your spirit and the second gives you scope to improve.
    All the best.

  7. 3rd reasn ws really true frm ur sde,,,gud wrk..god blesss u.!!!

  8. interesting and I truly agree that writing blogs is not just a time wastage but the ability to weave words for your readers(like me) to feel it when I read it and associate to you.
    You seem to have an excellent hand on writing blogs and making your self an open book but difficult to understand at times..

  9. @Pinky- tujhse yahi ummeed thi!!!
    @Gurleen- Good...jaante raho..! :)
    @Dharini- I knw, flaunt karne mein mazaa aata hai! :P
    @Anshuman- Haha...next sms coming soon! :)
    @Zahaib- Thanks! :)
    @Papa- I knw..I wont stop writing..:)
    @Anonymous- Pls apna naam bataa do yaar!!
    @Pritesh- Open book? Seriously? Ok, lets see how much u get to knw me! :)

  10. ur blogs r very inspiring..n especially when i connect some part of them to my own life..:)
    the best 1 of ur blogs was "expectations"..i have lost the count of the number of times i have read it!
    keep writing antarik..all the best!

  11. @Awantika- i wont! :)
    @Vartika- Thanks! I seriously didnt knw that my blogs were inspiring nor did i ever read my own blog more than once after writing!! Wow! :)

  12. another reason to add to the list!:D:p

  13. an open book yes but the continuation says that you are difficult to understand at times or most of the time..I am "CONFUSED"


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