"Balance Rs. 3/-" @ Jhankaar 2011 Launch

Some of my regular readers might recall that, this entry titled 'Balance Rs. 3/-' originally came to be featured on my blog back in March 2011. That was the time when at college, we were starting work on the annual college magazine- Jhankaar. And my mentor, after reading this piece, had loved it and had suggested that I take this off my blog and put it in Jhankaar, where it would have a larger reader base. And I had promptly done just that!

During the Independence Day Celebration programme in my college last Friday, Jhankaar 2011 was finally launched and so, now I can get you to read the original entry along with the comments it received, back here on my blog.

Jhankaar is a name synonymous with MBICEM since its inception. After long hours of dedicated work and diligent performance by a group of first and second year MBICEMites under the guidance of the editing and designing geniuses, Ms Neha Pande and Mr Srimoy Patra, in the February to July 2011 time frame, the 11th edition of MBICEM’s annual magazine ‘Jhankaar’, came into successful compilation.  It was a journey that had to be undertaken after a benchmark had been set by the Jhankaar 2010 Team consisting of one of the best editors and designers that MBICEM will see in many years to come - Himanshu Dubey and Rohit Jakhu- two of my favourite seniors. Check out the following viddeo to see the 'Behind the Scenes' journey from Jhankaar 2010 to Jhankaar 2011:

Await my next entry, coming up in a few days, with the original Balance Rs. 3/- blog entry along with the comments it had received then, which I had saved on my system when I had deleted the entry from the blog. Till then, enjoy the ride with Jhankaar 2011!

Keep your fingers crossed! Enjoy!


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