On this World Bloggers' Day

It has been more than 3 years now since I am writing blogs and just a year ago, I had come to know that 31st August of each year was known as the World Bloggers’ Day. It is a day dedicated to blog writers and readers from across the world.

My college has celebrated World Bloggers’ Day since last year with a blog writing/designing competition (of which, I was the winner in 2010 for my entry Thoughtful Thirst for Words). The event this year was a huge success as well. I didn’t take part this time though. I was happier as a member of the Organising Committee. :)

A bit of research on the World Wide Web for making a presentation for the event, told me what exactly was the purpose of marking this day as so important in the calendar- This is a day when every blogger around the world, writes about 5 new blogs that he has read and liked and would like others to read as well. When everyone does this, there would be loads of new blogs coming up into the purview of bloggers everywhere. And so, discovery of new things would be easily achieved and that too in a mode of fun.

Keeping with the spirit, here I bring to you 5 blogs that I love to follow and which are as diverse as the topics about which they are written.

#1. Samudra Sarangi’s ‘Scribbles and Blotches’ at http://creativityerror.blogspot.com/
Penned by a man who calls himself ‘Creativity Error’, the blog contains ‘Unadulterated glimpses into the hallucinating mind of "creativity error".’ There are two important reasons why I like this blog. One, the author belongs to my hometown and was one of the first seniors I met at DPS Vasant Kunj Hostel and two, each entry made here is unique and never misses out on humour (which makes sure that you keep reading each entry till the very last word!)

#2. Arunima Shah’s ‘The Glow of Dawn’ at http://arunima21.wordpress.com/
From someone who believes in living in the moment, or at least, that’s what the blog description says ‘HAR PAL YAHAN, JEE BHAR JIYO… JO HAI SAMA, KAL HO NA HO’. This blog comes from one who I have known for years and only recently did I discover that she loved writing and blogging as well. Stumbling across this blog was an accident and the discoveries that the accident led to are worth mentioning. Awesome layout and design and such a huge variety of topics written about!

#3. Sahil Malhotra’s ‘Sporting Thoughts’ at http://sahilmalhotra1.blogspot.com/
The first time I was given the link for this blog, I was thinking, ‘Why the hell am I being asked to read about a sport I am least interested in?’ Through till the end of the first entry and I was hooked to reading more. For the first time, I have started liking to read about cricket and in the process, I have learnt a lot about the game for sure. The one thing that amused me about this college-senior of mine was the ‘About Me’ section on his blog- Faadu! :D
#4. Love Garg’s ‘Revelations of a Wandering Mind…’ at http://obscurexploration.blogspot.com/
The newest addition to my list of favourite blogs. Reason 1- This comes from my ex-roomie who I haveen’t seen in a year and a half. Reason 2- The guy has gone mad in the last one year and philosophy has taken over his scientific blend of mind. Reason 3- He is good at whatever he does and expert advice can always be sought from him on any topic relating to life! Reason 4- He is not yet 19, and talks like he has lived 50 years already! Reason 5- I want to meet him and we need to discuss loads of stuff!

#5. Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘BigBlog’ at http://bigb.bigadda.com/
I couldn’t have forgotten this one of course! This doesn’t belong to any of my friends, but to someone who every Indian knows for sure. This was the blog that had at the first place inspired me to start blogging 3 years ago. I still read it regularly and am awestruck by the fact that a superstar who is almost 70 and follows such a hectic schedule has time for blog writing and that too each and every day wherever in the world he is! Awesome!

So that’s my list of 5 favourite blogs. Do let me know what you think about this whole concept of blogging and the way the phenomenon has gripped the world!

Happy World Bloggers’ Day! Enjoy! :)


  1. Antarik - Thank u so much for mentioning my blog :)... Have always considered u as one of teh exceptional bloggers. But, hadn't known u considered me in the same league :)

    Inspires me to blog more and better :)

    The Glow of Dawn

  2. Haaaaaa! Nice..!..Thanks dude..
    Don't worry, there's gonna be a new post soon..
    Don't worry, that's going to be on the same ground as before..Philosophy..It's my thing I guess...Sometimes I think I should become either a psychiatrist or a philosopher...Shit naa????..Don't worry it's just a fantasy, nothing serious...Anyways, let me know which one do you prefer..

  3. Thank you so much! I am extremely honored! Also, if I had known of the existence of such a day, I would have had my 5 favorite blogs! Well next yeat then, and as of now, your's is one of the only blogs I follow :P


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