Delhi Airport Metro: Balance Rs. 3/-

Friday, March 18, 2011
The Jhankaar 2011 Cover

I went to the New Delhi Railway Station today to see off my parents and sister. While returning I had some options to choose from to reach my Uncle’s house at Vasant Kunj. I could take the metro to Chhatarpur and then take any of the buses (717 or 715 or 534 or any of the many more) to my destination. I could take Bus No. 604 right from the station and could reach home directly. Both these routes would cost me around Rs 25 to travel from New Delhi Railway Station to my home. My wallet had Rs 140 and that was more than enough for sure. I need not go to the ATM right now!

I entered the metro station and wondered about the recently opened Airport Express Line of the Delhi Metro. I saw the direction label for it. I thought I can check out the new line right now. I went around and found the way and entered the pathway leading to the Airport Line. I was greeted by a few metro officials who directed me exactly how to go about it all. My first impression when I entered the atrium was that of no metro station I had ever seen- it was as good as deserted and had a completely global look about it! I got the token from an automatic ticket vending machine and got the token till IGI Airport Terminal 3. I thought I would go there and return back to New Delhi and then I can go about my first option (the Chhatarpur one)! I realized I had paid Rs 80 and now I had Rs 60 left in my wallet!! Well, I can’t return to New Delhi now for sure. After reaching T3, I will think what to do then!

And next was what? A thrilling 15-20 minute ride on India’s fastest train ever! WOW!!

I don’t think I need to describe exactly how everything looked! Everything in this Metro was so different from the other existing Metro lines of Delhi! Comfortable seats, not crowded train and stations, completely different and awesome looking platforms- Seriously one needs to experience it to believe it!

I was so engrossed in clicking pictures (There was no ‘No Photography’ sign any where!) and shooting videos that I seriously never realized when I had already reached Airport!

I exited the metro station via 3 long escalators and the new swanky Terminal 3 of the IGI Airport came in full view! This was just Waaaaaaaaooooooow! I stood there and took a 360 degrees view of the whole area- The long and huge terminal building, the huge parking lot beautifully architectured, the lush green decorations all around and the flights standing at a distance! I just wanted to capture everything in my camera!!

The article in Jhankaar
At that moment I realized I needed to find out a way that would take me home with a maximum expenditure of Rs 60! I couldn’t take a taxi- that would be unaffordable right now. I couldn’t sight any auto anywhere nearby. I couldn’t call up anyone who would come all the way to this place to pick me up. I asked a gentleman standing there where the bus stop was. He directed me and I reached the bus stop right in front of the terminal building. Two buses standing there- One to ISBT Kashmere Gate and another to ISBT Anand Vihar. I was happy. I could take the Anand Vihar one and go till Vasant Kunj. That was route no. 534. I then got to know that this was not actually route number 534 and was just a special route for the Airport passengers. The conductor told me what I could do. I got in the bus and paid Rs 25 till Mahipalpur. Balance Rs 35.

I got down at Mahipalpur and saw a huge traffic jam there on the road to Vasant Kunj. I spotted 534-A at a distance of about 200 metres and ran to catch it. By the time I neared it, the bus started moving and I left hope and waited for the next bus. The samosas at a nearby stall were highly tempting but my wallet didn’t permit me at that moment to relish the flavour. I saw that same bus standing there again at a distance and this time I made sure that I shall run to catch it and I shall catch it for sure chahe kitna bhi durr kyun naa bhagna pade! After probably 500 metres of running and clicking photos of a memorable excursion which was now being completely enjoyed by me, I finally got on the bus! Balance Rs 25.

I got down at Vasant Kunj and clicked the picture of the bus stop to remember the end of my expedition! I treated myself to a Mother Dairy Ice Cream of Rs 22 and called it a day!

I did manage to reach home safely on a completely unplanned and unexpected round tour! Loved it!

Balance Rs. 3!!


  1. The 8 comments that this entry originally received:

    vartika said...
    it was fun reading it!!
    i had a semi-trip to new delhi,sitting ryt here in manipal!!!!:D
    wow!!!hope to hjoy the new metro once i m back in june..:))
    Saturday, March 19, 2011 12:16:00 AM

    khyati said...
    aftr readng this blog i ll surely go for a trip to trmnl 3..!!:))
    Saturday, March 19, 2011 11:35:00 AM

    Anonymous said...
    great experience... Hehehe....
    Saturday, March 19, 2011 12:44:00 PM

    Akankshya said...
    Full on masti akele akele ..huh...juz wait till i cum agn...!
    Sunday, March 20, 2011 12:50:00 AM

    Pramod K Sahoo said...
    Life is to enjoy every bit of it. Just watch out not to lose your cool in the maddening excitements. It is good that you are enjoying your own company and not dependent on others for your happiness. Keep up the spirit. A long way to go and a lot more to do for the humanity. Take care.
    Sunday, March 20, 2011 7:03:00 AM

    siddharth said...
    wah..:D fooltu masti..!!! :)
    hostel me aisa kyun nai tha tu..????!!! :X .newaz...!!
    njoyd reading...;)
    Sunday, March 20, 2011 1:31:00 PM

    anirudh said...
    hahhahhaha....gr8 day
    Monday, March 21, 2011 7:03:00 PM

    Antarik said...
    thanks evryone :)
    surely do take a ride on this metro line! :)
    Tuesday, March 22, 2011 6:56:00 PM


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