2011 is OUT, 2012 is IN

I remember how I had been keeping on writing Year End Posts last year in the last week of December every few hours and had around 12 posts in less than 7 days with a new post coming up every 12 hours or so and keeping all categories of my readers entertained. Well, I also remember, how on the 3rd day or so, I had started regretting: ‘Why the hell did I make this commitment on the blog?’ Although I knew what I had to write, I just couldn’t keep up with the writings. And something which I already knew dawned on me again- I can write well when I feel like it. The moment I have some pressure, my writing degrades. And so, I was mentally exhausted.

This year, you would be happy and glad to know that I am not going to write so many year-end posts. (If I wish I can, but no, I am not making any commitment this time!) This is the sole post and the last post of 2011 that you are ever going to read on my blog.

For me, this year: 2011, has been crazy, literally! Time flew the fastest this year. My clocks seemed to be running normally all day but every few days I was kept wondering, ‘Another week is already gone?’ or probably ‘It’s exam time again? So soon? How? Where did all the time go?’ I wasn’t surprised when it was 1st December and I was thinking, ‘It’s my birthday month already? How did 12 months pass so fast?’ For the first time, I have the answers to these questions.

This has been a hectic year all throughout, right from day 1 when I saw Hindustan’s Times’ 100 years of Delhi coverage. I have written on many diverse topics this year- emotions, psychology (some psycho ones included), factual, educational, and most importantly entertainment and humour stuff (loads and loads of that) and I feel proud for all of it! (No, this time I am not hyperlinking to all my posts throughout the year via this last post. Thank God! You can get all the links from the blog archive in the sidebar)

My recent introduction to indiblogger.in has brought over  a thousand pageviews this month to my blog. I am always full of blog writing ideas since I have started reading all the many blogs at indiblogger. Needless to say, I have at least 7 blog posts ready in the drafts which I intend to publish over the course of next year at the apt times. This year also saw a diverse range of people visiting the blog and commenting on the posts (that too without the constant SMS reminders that I used to send earlier). It feels really good when I see a good friend’s comments on the blog which they read even without me asking them to. Thank you for your love everyone! J (And now I am also sure of the fact that I wasn’t a ‘wannabe’ when I pleaded my readers to ‘comment’ on my entries- that’s what blog entries are meant for, right?)
Keeping this entry short, I wish you a very Happy New Year 2012. May the New Year be full of surprises and bright days to bring cheer to life. Enjoy!

P.S.: This might be the last time I am writing a year-end entry, if the Mayans are to be believed. Any idea if we all shall still be alive at the end of next year? :D

P.S.2: Would love it if you could click here and vote for me. The deadline is 5th January and I need hundreds of votes to win the iPad2. Thanks a lot in advance :)


  1. Well mate like u had for a week. I had a littler longer then that.

    Since Nov 4th, I'm writing almost everydy. And I hve to follow it till 31 dec.

    And the feeling u had abt been exahusted. I've been through it alot of times.

  2. @factsandnonsense- thanks and wish u the same :)
    @aditya- Then you probably knw how it feels. Wish you a sucesful new year ahead :)

  3. short n t the point entry!
    go on..may the coming year be more eventful n winning than the last!:)
    happy 2012!


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