The Last Question

Did the title intrigue you? Well, I think it should. This is one of those rare times when I have the title ready before writing the post- a rare achievement for me, seriously! This title struck me when I was sitting in the bus returning from my exam centre this evening. And the idea for this post struck me at one of the weirdest time possible- when I had just completed writing the answer to the last question in today’s paper.

My third semester exams ended today with the last paper ‘Basics of Camera, Lights and Sound’. The paper had appeared much easier than expected (we were seriously expecting an absurd question paper after the untimely change in the faculty teaching the subject this semester). I had full 50 minutes to attempt the last question, a feat I achieved for the first time in three whole semester exams. And so I was relaxed to write the answer. 50 minutes were just more than enough for one 15-marker. But…by the time I was through with filling up three pages of the answer script, I didn’t feel like writing anymore. Two reasons: One, my knowledge regarding the question’s answer was limited; Two, I was too excited with the fact that the exams were ending and so wanted to get out of the exam hall ASAP so that I can start with the 20 days of the winter break. Haha…

Something really similar had happened in the last exam of the previous semester as well, and the one before that also. At the end of the first semester I had the ‘Basics of Design & Graphics’ paper and had left the exam hall full 30-minutes before the scheduled exam-end time after completing a relatively simple paper. In the second semester, I had ‘Still Photography’ and throughout the paper I was struggling to keep my Rishikesh adventure trip plans at bay till the exam concluded, but of course, an excursion with friends was surely more cheerful and a looking-forward-to thing than a stupid examination! And so, that day as well I had left the exam hall 30-minutes earlier by concluding the last answer ASAP. What I scored in both these papers wasn’t what I would call ‘bad’!

I noticed another more intriguing thing in the exams this time. Whenever I sit for an exam, specially these semester exams, I take out my wrist watch and put it on the left side corner of the table; my wallet at the right side (it’s not-so-comfortable to sit with the fluffy wallet in the back pocket of one’s jeans and write an exam for 3 hours!); 2 blue, 1 black gel pens, 1 pencil and an eraser from my front jeans pocket are placed near the wallet (for easy access during the paper) and if I am wearing a jacket (which I usually do at this time to fight Delhi’s winter), it is placed on the seat beside me. Well, it takes quite a while to place all of them back at their destined locations on my clothes when I am in a hurry to leave the exam hall after writing the answer to the last question of the last paper!!

Another weird thought occurred to me today in those last few minutes. Can I ask the invigilator to click a picture of mine writing the paper so that I can include it in a blog entry regarding this? Well, I am glad I didn’t ask that! :D

Do let me know if you have had some such weird experiences and thoughts in your exams as well. Enjoy!


  1. Weird thoughts well presented.But do you feel this entry deserves any comments?

  2. it is srsly very very intrestng..:)

  3. Nyc Entry... Wel writn...

    Well, I hv hd many such experiences as itz my Rule of Thumb nt 2 leave b4 d xm tym z officially ovr... I hd completed my last paper dis Sem in jst abt an hr instead of 3 hrs... Dat ws our Open Electiv xm (Spectroscopy) 4 me...

    Though I hd a lot of wrk 2 do between finishing d xm at 4:30 and leaving Hstl 4 home at round 6:30 (including getting a Recommendation Letter), I sat d whole 2 hrs bcoz it feels realy nyc n relaxing 2 thnk at a tym u r completely free (in short cn do nothng else)...

    The result ultimately ws dat I hd to leave Rourkela on 2nd Dec instead of 30th Nov and staying dat xtra tym alone in a Hstl room whch generaly comprises of 6 ppl ws realy interesting wid lot of tym 2 thnk, thnk n thnk... I realy feel sumtyms v shud compel ourselves 2 get lost in thots...

  4. @Papa- Probably :D
    @Khyati- I am glad you liked it :)
    @Pallabi- That sounds really weird. But Rule of Thumb it is, so great :)

  5. i think you should have asked the examiner about clicking the photograph.
    i mean it would add another incident in your blog on the last day of exam :D :D

  6. @anirudh- bina puche bhi to blog entry likh hi liya :D


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