The onset of winters @ PVR Saket

The onset of the winters was never so late in the four years that I have spent in Delhi. My third semester final practicals are underway and on waking up this Monday morning I could feel the chill of the winter air for the first time this season. I have always loved winters mainly for two reasons. One, it is more comfortable to cuddle up inside the blanket and sleep for hours at a stretch than cooling oneself down in front of the AC. And two, onset of the winter, brings hope and excitement for my birthday! (Check the time, it’s December already! Start planning surprises for me! [:D])

Sitting inside the blanket on my rajai-converted into low-floor sofa, and typing this entry on my Dell Inspiron 15R N5010 which is providing warmth by blowing hot air from the PC-fan onto my left hand occasionally, I am thinking about the fun-day that has been today- a holiday from college and an early morning expedition with a college-mate to catch the morning show of Desi Boyz at PVR Saket at a mere expenditure of 50 bucks (per head, mind it! [:D])!

Not having a TV at my accommodation and having lost touch with the TV-viewing experience for almost four years now, I get to know about new releases quite late, literally. And that happens mainly from discussion with my friends, review in the newspapers (The Hindu hardly has any taste for bollywood news, seriously! [:D]) and of course, facebook! The way I got to know about this particular movie, was however, different and unique!

A good friend calls up and asks me if I would like to go to DLF Promenade, the next day, where the starcast of Desi Boyz including John, Akshay, Deepika and Chitrangada were making an appearance. I instantly agree and launch a Google search for ‘Desi Boyz’. “Oh, all right, so this is an upcoming film set to release on 24th and the cast is on its way for some promotion. Would be a great chance to see them,” I think.

Desi Boyz starcast visit at DLF Promenade, 17-11-2011
And on 17th November, my friend and I reach the mall sharp at 4, the scheduled arrival time of the cast, go through the security arrangements and take our places with the ever-increasing crowd of people. We wait for a full hour and then finally, a 10-minute appearance is made by the four members of the Desi Boyz cast. Getting a glimpse of bollywood actors, is something we Indians crave for and are crazy about. And here, Akshay and John were actually prancing to the tunes of the amazing soundtrack of the movie. Having got to know about the existence of this movie just a day before, I had never given a thought to hearing the songs of the film. The one-hour wait in the midst of crazy fans and huge speakers continuously blaring songs from the film, made sure that I go home and download all the songs and give an ear to them. Well, I was in love with the tune! :D

About watching the film today at PVR? Well, the Dhawans know what they need to do to set the Indian stage on fire! The glum 2-minute introductory scenes of the movie regarding inflation were surely given a huge dampening the moment the storyline with our heroes started. What a bike John rides, WOW! Akshay’s scooter should be a fun ride as well! [:D] I wouldn’t go into the details as that would give spoilers regarding the plot of the movie to many of my readers and I, of course would not like to spoil their pre-movie-watching excitement. (And those who have already seen it, I guess, you know I don’t need to explain! [:D])

Being a media-student and having learnt, this semester, how to handle a movie camera, the initial bird’s eye shot of London and the many jib camera shots throughout the film, could be easily recognized from the technical point of view by me. The hooting that Sanjay Dutt’s entry received and the understanding of the seriousness of the scene on the entry of our favourite Omi Vaidya (of course, pun intended) supplemented the wonderfully-written dialogues of the film. From getting the audience to laugh at the very critical moments to signifying the emotional bondage shared between the father-child, boy-girl and of course, two best friends’ relations, junior Dhawan does it wonderfully. My personal favourite was the choreography of the song ‘Allah maaf kare’ in the college classroom. Should I call it a joke or a serious choreography? :D

I read an interview with the director of the movie in Delhi Times where he had said, “This is a movie about the chemistry shared between two best friends. We made the movie with the intention that you would come out of the theatre and call up your old buddies and tell them ‘I miss you man’”. Well, nothing like that happened after I left the hall but yes, I was wondering, are friends like the ones portrayed in the film possible in real life? If yes, then I would love to have one.

After two hours of non-stop laughter and while enjoying a McChicken Brunch at the nearby McDonalds, my friend and I discussed the prospects of suddenly getting sacked from our jobs in the media industry in the future in case of another serious economic meltdown. Should we gear up for some muscle-building and start gymming now so we are left with at least one job? Haha… :D


  1. nice entry indeed...but today is Thursday not Monday...
    Mr. Blogger

  2. @Anonymous- Indeed it is Thursday today. The mention of "monday" in the post, in no way refers to today. It is about the monday, the day that was three days back. :)
    Knowing your identity would allow me to thank you personally for the read :)

  3. 1st abt the joy in welcoming the month!!!both the reasons fit me too!!!cheers!!!:D
    been busy with my practicals so i shall make a comment abt the movie 2mrw probably!!!thanx for leaving the suspense-filled blanks in the entry!:)

  4. i cannot forget those 10 minutes ever....
    and what did you say? muscle building?? hahahhaaha.....i iwill not deny your master blaster idea. i think i will also have to look forward towards it!!! :D :D :D

  5. @vartika- the feeling of excitement seems mutual :)
    @Anonymous/anirudh- haha...sure...moviee dekh le...and you will know all about the muscle-building :D


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