Hurr..Hurr..In Attendance at My first Bloggers' Meet

Naah...this day didn't start just like any other day. I woke with the excitement all building up towards the big event of the day. Falling asleep the previous night had been difficult because the one event which I had wanted to be part of six months ago (but had missed) was now happening again and I was surely going to be a part of it this time. Yes, I am talking about the bloggers' meet being conducted by IndiBlogger on Sunday, June 10, 2012 in association with Spice Mobiles #SecureAndroid at The Park Hotel, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

My sister and I reached Rajiv Chowk Metro Station at the planned time. Here I was going to meet my first blogger friend, Aditya Bhasin, and then move together to the venue.

Never lose the way, even when there aren't two to choose from
The three of us entered The Park. It's good to have someone with you to guide you to the rightful place even if the navigation isn't difficult at all. Aditya had been to the HP Indiblogger's meet last December and so he knew exactly how things are going to be here. A signboard directed us to the first floor where preparations were on to prepare the place for the Spice meet. The area was buzz with bloggers huddled together in small groups eagerly awaiting the doors to be thrown open for what they were soon going to know was the biggest ever congregation of bloggers under one roof in the capital.

Soon after the registration that required us to enter our IB login id, we were seated in the hall for the meet. Although the programme was already behind schedule, the entry of participants went on and on. With nearly 300 bloggers, the meet finally kicked off.

The beautiful setup for the meet by The Park and IB. A DSLR would have surely given a lot better shot, but here's one without editing

We seated and waiting for the meet to begin
Hurr Hurr Hurr...! Haha.. This became the chant for the growing excitement level in the crowd. And then the moment for which so many of us were eagerly waiting- The entry of techguru Rajiv Makhni as the host for the evening.

Two large screens in the front showed names of people who were entering the meet. Twitteratees were at their best, posting happenings of each passing moment, and we could see all of that live on the screens. The event began. And what followed was 4 hours of complete fun, some trivia, some discussions, lots of phones and flash drives and loads of photographs.

One of the screens with the tweets and Arrivals. Note the tweet at the bottom-centre position :D
The '60 seconds of fame' had been converted to '30 seconds' due to lack of enough time but still very few people were able to get a chance to go on stage and introduce themselves and their blogs and tell the genuine reason for their blogging. My sister being one of the first to enter the hall, got a chance to speak. I had prepared myself with a good and truthful answer since last night, but alas, I didn't get a chance. But here I think I have all the time and so, let me introduce myself. (Remember, it's the 10th of June 2012 today):
"I am Antarik Anwesan. I started blogging four years ago three days from now. The sole reason? I opened Big B's blog at bigadda and saw that on posts talking about his daily life, he received 300 comments within an hour. 'I want the same', I thought. And so began my tryst with blogging with almost no visitors for two whole years! P.S.: I own a Spice phone already! :D"
I didn't want to miss the photo-op that I was getting at this meet with the techguru. And so, when the amazing snacks (or should I say dinner?) were served, my sister and I went up to have a little conversation with Rajiv and get a picture clicked together.

My sister and I with TechGuru Rajiv Makhni
Which is the largest selling book in history? The Bible? That's what the crowd shouted when Karan Singh 'Magic' came up with the question during his mind-reading session. Well, the answer is 'Harry Potter' (and I being such a huge Potter fan, how come I missed it at that moment?) The amazing mind-reading magic session with tricks leaving us dazed, surely made sure I must click a picture with this upcoming big Indian magician as well. And so I did.

After all the insightful magic, the two of us with Karan singh 'Magic'
The meet ended with some amazing Spice phones being given away to the ones who answered Rajiv's tech questions correctly. This was when I realized that I had almost no knowledge of all the tech-driven activities that I do everyday! The word bluetooth has its origin at? Service launched on 1st April 2004? Ummm...any idea??

My sister being a very new entrant at IB, didn't know who Renie or Vineet were. I joined IB 6 months ago and I was well versed with the founders of IB and before leaving the place, I knew I had to get a picture clicked with both of them.

With the founders. From Right, it's Renie and Vineet.
Both of us left The Park clutching Spice bags with a Stellar flash drive and t-shirt each with amazing memories and hopes for more such meets in the capital in the coming months.

Putting on our Indi-Spice Tshirts and the flash drives

Were you a part of this meet? Do share your experience in the comments section below. Or if you wrote an entry about it in your blog, do leave the link in the comments, so I can check it out. :-)

P.S.: Why this blog entry comes so late and specifically today? 'Late' because it just kept on getting delayed for some reason or the other and other entries kept coming. 'Today' because I got my Spice IB tshirt to wear to office today and thought, "I ought to complete this pending blog entry now, its been too long." ;)

P.S.2: Google: King Bluetooth; GMail Launch date

P.S.3: Did you notice that my previous entry about the rains in Delhi had a 'P.S.' even before the entry ended? (A genuine mistake it was! :D)


  1. I was there, and if you know there was one for girl-bloggers right before that... so I had a whole day of Blogger Meets!!! But this one was the best, because of Rajiv Makhni's natural style.

    You wore that super yellow T-shirt to office?

    1. Haha..I was sure that I was going to get a reaction like this for the t-shirt. Yeah, I did, after a lot of questioning myself. I don't look anything better than a Spice salesman attracting all the eyes in the Metro and at office! :D


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