When the silent and mystic rains arrive...

So the rain Gods have finally showed their sympathies and showered the first boughs of rain in the national capital. I was returning from New Delhi Railway Station after my sister's train left for Bhubaneswar (I am sure she would describe her first journey alone at her blog in a good way once she is home) when the sky started growing dark. The radio stations were buzz with the latest 'rain' updates from across the city and I found my camera swinging to action.

The red lights attempting to signal the darkening clouds above the capital and probably passing our message:
"Let's reach home and then you rain". This picture is taken on Aurobindo Marg, near Green Park Metro Station
"Let's reach home and then it should rain," my Uncle prayed, "or we are going to be stuck in the traffic for a long time." The first rains actually bring out all the loopholes in the MCD's plans and 'corrective measures' taken over the past year.

As I continued clicking pictures and tried using some photography tricks with my digicam, I thought, now facebook is going to be buzzing with the hundreds of 'love the mausam' statuses. I await my smartphone's arrival...

I loved capturing the first water droplets that fell on the windscreen. 

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM was the channel we were listening to. Aaah...with not much happening in the capital's politics this week, now news channels have a 'Breaking News' to flash across their screens. And no doubt, when I just switched on the TV, India TV had a big headline: Pani-pani rajdhani!

The macro and infinity focuses on my digicam- for me as a beginner in
photography,  being able to capture this successfully is a big success! :D

My Uncle saw my photo-clicking spree and said, "Now this goes up on facebook or your blog. It's the same rain everytime. What's new?" I smiled. 

The rains subsided in about an hour. This is clicked just outside my home after the rains
and yes, not to forget, during the power-cut.
With the pre-monsson showers done, now let's see how the monsoons fare this season. I hope the ones who were complaining of the excessive heat and demanding the rain for so long, are now not going to cry and start shouting, 'Stop raining'. Haha...

PS: I know they are not great photographs, but considering they come from a writer who loves clicking pictures just for the sake of memories and never for 'photography', I loved these for my second photo-blog. ;)

About the name of this post, it came about quite suddenly after I was looking about for a good name and then suddenly clicked on a link that an old friend-guide had shared on facebook. I think you ought to see it. The Quiet Place: http://thequietplaceproject.com/thequietplace?page&lang

Have a silent and mystic date with the rains...:)


  1. finally its not only us who will be drenched in rain!!but call it fortunate or unfortunate,manipal experiences rains for 4-5 monthes every year! :D
    so..happy rains to my north indian fellowmates! :)

    1. 5 months..thats grt! N we at delhi enjoy the as much long winters..:D
      Thanks for ur comment n wishes Vartika :)

    2. we get a month off in dec-jan to enjoy the winters! ;)

  2. Nicely writen n real wonderful photographs...:D :D

    Here m njoying d long n heavy rains at Guwahati snce quite sum days... Nyc dancing n singing in d rain... U jst keep njoying... :) :)

  3. Photoes are great. Photography can be a very good hobby. And it is not so expensive in this digital world today unlike what it used to be just a decade back. If you enjoy it stick to it.

    1. Hobby ke liye hi thik hai...only time-pass photos...m nt interested in being a serious 'photographer'...;)

  4. If this rain has got to anything with my departure from Delhi then get ready to live in a hot and burning Delhi for next 3 years at least.


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