Actually I thought of writing this entry yesterday, but to give a good start, I thought of posting this today. Read on… to understand what I mean…
Life can change so fast that when one looks back one feels: why can’t I have that time back? Why can’t I spend my time with my family just like any of my friends? Exactly 3 months ago, i.e. on 24th march, I had been to DAV Burla. The next day was my science exam and frankly speaking I was very very nervous. At that time I never thought that it would be my last day in that school. ‘Last day’ in the sense that I had gone there to study. I mean I never thought that exactly 3 months from then, I would be anxiously waiting to join a completely new school or that my closest family, that is to say, my parents and sister would be 1500 kilometres away from me. I never thought I wouldn’t meet my teachers and friends, one last time, as a student of DAV Burla. I can’t do anything now, can I? two days back, my best friend said I was very lucky. But, with so many misfortunes coming one’s way, one can’t be lucky.
It is true that since 8 may 2007, I had prepared myself to join DPS RKPuram this year. But isn’t this another misfortune: that I couldn’t get through just because of 0.1%??? Well, whatever may be said, I know I am not that lucky.