My morning started just as always. The first place that I visited in this Delhi tour of mine was the Green Chick chicken store. For the first time I saw an air-conditioned chicken store. Then I visited DPS Vasant Kunj: the school was closed for weekend. So I just saw its buildings from outside, its huge gardens and playgrounds and my name in the selection list on the notice board. Next my Uncle had some work at ICICI bank in the premises of Indian Spinal Injuries Centre-Super Speciality Hospital. So it became the first big hospital that I saw here. Time for visit to another school: I toured a part of Mother’s International School in the Aurobindo Ashram campus. They don’t take external students for admission in eleventh; otherwise this school was my first preference after DPS R K Puram. This is supposed to be one of the best schools in Delhi. On my way I saw the NCERT campus: this is the place where all our textbooks are printed. Earlier I had spotted the Qutab Minar from quite a large distance on the road. While returning back home my Uncle pointed out the JNU campus: its… so… so huge…One of its walls connects Vasant Kunj to Vasant Vihar: a distance of about 8-10 kilometers!! One can imagine how big the campus might be…

At around 7:20 in the evening, I saw, for the first time, the biggest shopping mall in India (a very small part of it is in the pic above). My uncle said there is a 1 km walk on every floor in the atrium. And there are how many floors? Why don’t you count… 3 basement floors (usually called levels -1, -2 & -3) for parking; the ground floor and 7 floors above it. So a total of 8 ½ floors for shopping and 2 ½ floors for underground parking. The -1 floor has a huge Big Bazaar too. What I estimate… it would take 3 to 4 24-houred days to move around and see each and every thing there. Oops sorry… I forgot to tell the name. It is the Ambience Mall by the Delhi-Gurgaon Express-highway number 8, just after the Toll Gate with 16 lanes each way.


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