What a day!! Yesterday night my chacha said that he had received a call from DPS VK offering me a hostel seat. I didn’t believe him at that time. Today morning, he went to the school and got the hostel form and documents. I read the hostel rules 2-3 times. They suggest you to carry a mobile phone here. You can come home every weekend. They serve only vegeterian food, but that’s ok.
I talked to my parents. They said they would prefer me staying in hostel of VK than anywhere else. In evening I talked to some of my teachers, a friend and my maternal grandparents. All of them said I should prefer hostel. And by 10:40 PM, I was quite confident that I am going to stay in the hostel here at VK.
But then……after chacha returned from office, he said the school authorities of DPS RKP have called me for admission tomorrow. Oh no! Now I was in a complete mental dilemma. RKP has been my dream school but…I don’t know what to do.
Confusion Tension in my mind, not any time to think.
I talked to my papa again, he said I should prefer VK. Here I will be in the top rankers in the class and teachers will pay attention to me. But at RKP, I am being selected just due to a special request and not on merit basis. I will be the lowest ranker in the class and I will get only…that sympathy type of thing…You understand, right?
So, now what? Finally, I decided it has to be DPS VK hostel where I will spend my coming months.