What a day! I think I posted something seriously wrong in my 9th June entry: the bit about the most shocking news...
At 2 pm today, I myself saw the most shocking word of my life: "REGRET".. This was in the 2nd selection list of DPS RKP. I didn't know what to do then. My Aunt (choti chachi) consoled me... yes, I was actually crying...for not being able to fulfil my more than one year old dream. Later at around 5 in the evening, I checked the school site for the 2nd list of selected candidates.. And to my horror: I was not selected because of just one-tenth percent... i.e. just half a mark. My Papa called and said there must be something good at why I was not selected. Well, lets wait and watch. We can't do anything now, can we??
Now one thing is sure: Tomorrow I am going to take admission at DPS Vasant Kunj and I am not staying in a hostel.
I visited the Vasant Kunj DPS today morning and had a tour of my going-to-be classes. Around 40 students in a room and the rooms are quite spacious with beautiful view of the gardens below. At that time, I didn't think even for once that this is supposed to be future.
God really has many surprises, both good and bad, in store for us always.
I can see the plus-points of not going to DPS RKP too- I would have stayed away from my family but now I can visit any place in Delhi and NCR whenever I want (as I am not going to stay in hostel). I don't think there is any other plus points, although there are so many minus-points: difficult to mention here.