Hello guys....I am really sorry for not being able to keep my promise! (Which promise?? C the previous post) I was first on a trip to Bhubaneswar to my nani's and then I was busy (and still am) in doing something special that I planned almost 3 months back when I was in the hostel! Amidst all this and ofcourse today's IIT JEE....(which I'm sure I'm going to top! lol....) I had no time to write the posts! I did start with the juniors-wala entry but am still mid-way! I hope I would be able to complete it and write the rest soon...no promises this time! But yes, I must say this, There is gonna be something for everyone in these posts! Just wait a bit...I am somehow so-engrossed in that 'something special' that am unable to take time out for anything else!! I just hope I get all the proper and required material soon and complete it in the best possible way as soon as I can! Chalo then....catch you later.....:-)

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