Yaadein... yaad aati hain.....

I wrote this when my computer was out-of-order and I was completely freaked out. And I wrote this on paper!! Check it out....

"Well, to be frank, I don’t know why I am writing this…all this bloody boring ‘crap’ (forgive me for the language) that is going to come up here…May be because my computer malfunctioned 3 days back & refused to start-up….as a result of which I got completely cut-off from my world, my life: my friends….and got frustrated and as a result of this I started reading Five Point Someone, the movie based on which had already ruined my past 3 months!! (Ruined? Did I say that? Not possible!! The last 3 months were the best I ever had!) The date is 22nd April 2010 and the time is 4.16pm by my wall clock…and I just completed reading the novel!!

DPS VK hostel- that was the place that started it all…Two years back, I had no idea of this place and now it seems that’s the only place I have got to be at! It’s been almost a month now since I left the place…but I feel my soul still lives there…in 203 and 204…in those corridors…in the verandah where I stood for long hours doing nothing but just staring at the beautiful campus and imagining how much I was going to miss this place once I left. This was the place that had given meaning to my life. This was the place that had given me friends who I could trust for life…friends who cared for me… This was the place that actually taught me what life is and what life without friends is…

The whole year I was in 11th, was spent so fast…new place, new people, studies, coaching etc etc. I never got to know how fast the year fled away. But one thing still remained…I still hadn’t made any “friends”…

I reached 12th, my seniors left…it was then that I actually learnt to be independent…Life brought many new things…many new challenges in my path and then suddenly, studies no longer concerned me (although I seemed to be the most padhakoo!!) They say, quantity doesn’t matter, what matters is quality… But in my case, I would surely say, it was the fact that my batch was so small in quantity (just 6 in a complete batch!!) that enhanced its quality and hence the strong bonds that tied the 6 of us together tightened. It was this 2nd year that taught me how enjoyable as well as painful life could be at the same time! I actually was enjoying my life now!! All these years I just used to lock myself up at home and I could never truly refer to anyone as a friend. It just used to be people I am meeting in my life’s path who were there for the very reason I was there: ‘Do my bit and leave’. I had so many ‘friends’…hundreds…but except may be 1 or 2, no one ever ‘cared’ for me!

But these 5 people I stayed with at DPS VK Hostel were not there just for the sake of being there. They became an integral part of my life. I couldn’t imagine a day without these guys!! As the days passed by, we became the best of friends and then suddenly one day all of us left the place…to start a new life…to move ahead…to be our own masters…to be independent…Atleast then, I had not imagined how much difficult this step was going to be…It’s been a month now, and even now I can’t spend a minute without wishing to get this last year back… I miss the place so dearly!! I just keep looking for a chance to strike a conversation with anyone…anyone who is related to the hostel!! (“it’s been almost 17 hours since I last talked to someone!!)

The school website actually has a sentence about the hostel which I really like and could actually understand the truth behind: “Only a DPS VK Hosteller knows how much this brick building means to him”. And reading Five-Point Someone, just reinforced this feeling. I really liked the following lines on page 265 of the book, “Life is too short, enjoy yourself to the fullest. One of the best parts of campus life is the friends you make. And make sure you make them for life”. I differ from the author on one point that “Friends are not one of the best parts fof campus life, they are the only best part. They are the life!”

I might have passed out of this brick building already but my soul still lingers there…may be thinking of all the masti we had…may be planning the next ‘evict-the-warden’ mission…may be…..may be……….

Sid, Venky, Amrit, Love, Mangu- I am just praying for a get-together as soon as possible. The 3+3 Idiots did it all and I’m sure would love to be together once again and enjoy every bit! Love you guys and I miss you so much!!"
5.02 PM


  1. senti maar raha hai kya???? :P

    chill bro... ip ke exam k din tu rahega naa... aa jaiyo... mil lenge... and amrit and venky will b der at tht tym too... :P
    masti karenge yaar... get-together ho jayega...
    love and sid ko bhi pakad k le ayenge.... :P
    hostel bhi chalenge... :P

    awesome post yaar

  2. thanks....

    hann...uss din thoda zaada hi senti ho gaya tha!

    i m jst praying for this reunion to be successful!

    Missin u guys a lot!

  3. ya, i knw wht u mean by "successful" now.... finally samajh mein aaya tera intention...:P

  4. OMG!!! ths is soooo senti!!! onli a DPSVK hstlr can undrstand its true meaning n totaly relate to it..its great!:)

  5. Thanks Manav....but this ws nt a story 4 my nxt movie or smthn!! Hehe...

  6. I dnt realy hv wrds to xprs mslf...U dsrv a huge rnd of apls...
    Dnt wry yrrr..
    frnzzz the n frnzzz rahenge...
    tension na le...You Rock...!!!..Me tooo...hehehehehe...lol...;P

  7. I think without frends we can entertain in life. But my frendS are all expire in tourist bus accident ... U listen my voice ..... I miss u ..... Yaro mujhai kyoo roka tha tour pr anai s mairi tbyat khrab thi islye abay dosto woto manai majak kri thi tum sb ko surprise dainai k lye lkin tumnai mujhai surprice daydyaaa ....


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