What the hell???

Hey everyone......It's been long since an entry came up here...don't you think so? Well, I guess you will have to wait a bit now....just a bit...not too long....Actually I had written many new entries to be put up on the blog, in MS Word and saved it on my PC to be later uploaded to the blog....and last monday, my PC broke down...everything is now gone!!!! I don't know how I am going to write those entries again!! The Special 5 entries....the Girls Hostel entries (that had taken really long to write!!)...the Hostel Timeline....and many many things....they are all gone!! Seriously, sometimes I feel really angry with this techno-revolution! The disadvantages are more than the advantages!! Had I written those things on paper all would have been safe n sound now! I chose to type it on the computer n with just some stupid-idiotic-attack (I dunno if it ws a virus attack...my Windows got corrupt!), I have lost all the data!!!! And what is more? My very own movie.."Blissful Reminiscence of a Bygone Era" is also lost...so is the new upgraded one n another movie project that I was working on, on the request of a dear friend of mine!! All is seriously not well!! Now let me see what I'm gonna do!! Probably I will be putting up the hostel timeline first and then an entry that I actually wrote on paper on 22nd when I had no tech-access!! The Special 5 entries will come up next...The Girls Hostel one will have to wait a bit longer, I guess (It's really not easy to write about girls!! :-p..lol..) So...keep your fingers crossed!! 8=D