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So 27 juniors! That’s a really BIG number when you have just 6 seniors! The 6 of us were surely very excited to meet these guys… 8th July 2009, all our so-called juniors entered DPS VK and the time they spent here has created history! I would not delve into the history and write another one of those long boring entries… (Remember the Dilli Darshan ones??? Lol…) So, let me start with a brief introduction of each one of the 27+3 and end with it too! Juniors, are you listening? Hehe… have a nice time…

How should I go about this exercise? Room wise perhaps? Yes, that would be the easiest for me and the best! So I am presenting, all rooms in ascending order minus 203 n 204!

Starting with Gaurav Sharma, Kitna khata hai yaar?? Everyone was fed up with this guy’s appetite! Hehe… The PTS President…Waise that was a nice speech he wrote on “Reservation”….lol… Kunal, the ____, was that a wrong legacy he received from Venky? Hehe… This guy has been a complete load of fun throughout the year, not ignoring padhai at the same time! The third one here…umm..naam yaad nahi aa raha.. Was it Manav? Hehe… Left hostel in just 2 months?!! The reason? The mystery continues… I got to know him mainly after he left…Never thought ki koi kisike liye itna sab kar sakta hai with just 2 months of knowing each other! Thanks for those cards...the curd really helped!

A guy with no intention to study, a bit irritating at times but still mast! That’s what defines the future 204 inhabitant…Mr Mozika! Akash, the computer maestro! I still wonder from where he got those tricks in C++!! 2-D array using a single loop. Kaise? Enjoyed my time with his super-computer-intelligence! Kumar, hehehe…The RTS President! And the prospective topper of the batch! Padhai toh karta hi tha but Amrit ke saath so much vella-panti bhi! Great combo!

Aviral, the vella boy…right from the beginning of the session he appeared a fun-loving guy, may it be for the bournvita in his room or 95% ka aim. Thoda padh liya hota toh shayad abhi bhi saath hota…koi nai…this is life! The mystery of 9th October still remains… Shubham, the innate terpsichorean, the guy who is always on his study and sleeping…hehe… patanahi kitne logon ka murder kiya tha humne in those vella nights… And I fear to say anything about the third one in this room….Siddhant: “Seniors ko bol do ki main kal canteen mein sabko cold drink pila dunga!!!”

Abhilash, probably the only one who we, as seniors, considered to be thoda dimaag wala in the whole batch at the very beginning of the year! Most of the time spent outside the hostel…But I seriously liked the guts of this guy, VP ko written complaint! Good! Mohak, hahahehehihihoho….kya hasi thi iski? Pura hostel sunta tha! Huh!! The Yellow-card incident brought him to the lime-light. And hann…school mein ofcourse, Himani maam ka favourite student from 11-C! Haha… Zahaib, the innocent bachcha..kuch bhi bolo pata nahi kitne saalon tak sochta hai!! 22 Dec…16 Jan…etc…I should say this guy needs to learn to start enjoying life now, by accepting things the way they are!

“Katta kya hota hai??” Haha….Eashan….probably our sole source of full-time entertainment before the freshers! With his stupid questions he has surely won many hearts! Or probably Shivani maam, “I know you have a killer smile but that won’t work for me!” With his aim of serving the world’s best country, Sankalp is a bit confused and has a really ambitious soul and of course a bit of _____…hehe….Eashan being the kid and Sankalp the lecturer, I really had a good time with these guys… And of course, not to forget, Dixit… the present king of the Heaven… He has been a real help for us in these two years… Starting from helping us with the 2009 farewell, I have known this guy to be a very simple, understanding, mature and introvert kind… He is very very sensitive but surely a grt fun-lover!

The sabse chota bachcha, should I say? No, I don’t think so! With the longest tenure in the hostel (even more than the present wardens!), Atul has really entered into the hostel spirit without ever neglecting his priorities…studies! I had a really enjoyable time with him mainly during the last winters when thanks to him, I learnt to play basketball! Madhav, oh sorry… Maddy, probably the ‘hottest’ guy at the place…hehe…thoda aur dhyan se padh le toh he can surely do wonders just as he does in Maths! Hiding in the cupboard to bunk the Monday tests and many other innovations are all credited to this guy! Hooray! Gaurav Rai, it was really a memorable experience, the way he got his name: Beepu! “Main tera beep hun #$%^&*@” haha….

Agam, the studious guys…and he was on the stud-ious’s bed too…hehe…(Sahil bhaiya pls don’t mind if u r reading this!) I still wonder how he got that 98 in maths with just a few hours ka preparation!! Kartikeya…Namaste mamaji/chachaji… mazaa aaya tha when we discovered that relation! Venky ka chehra dekhne laayak tha! Haha… Well, Mr Singh has been a quiet personality throughout the year…and of course a good load of trouble for Mr Tarachandani…hehe…Abhishek, the daraa hua bachcha, one who needed advices hamesha….clearly reminded me of my July-September 2008 time in the hostel…(Remember, Love?? Hehe..)

302: That’s the room! Hehe… Sanchit, the environmentalist, my successor at the CEEC and of course Adita maam’s favourite… probably the most introvert amongst all his batchies and surely creative (the entry he made in my diary clearly shows that!) The Bengali babu, Samannoy, “Agar Venkatesh bhaiya hain tabhi main aaunga intro ke liye!” Hehehe… And Annirud, in everyone’s perception, a very quiet and serious guy, but he knows better…he is the jolliest one of them all…

“Kya height hai!” Wow…Ronit Verma, or our very own ‘chotu’! I got interested in him right from his intro when I got to know he was from Orissa! And woh bhi mere hi purane bed pe! Nice guy! Saumye, the Meerut-ian! The Light weight boxer! Yaar itna daraa hua kis baat se rehta hai hamesha? Come on yaar, its time you got out of your nutshell!! Enjoy life! And of course, the late arrival and early departure, Harsh…maze mein rehta tha…probably one of those who had managed his padhai as well as vella time very well…

304: The room with whose inhabitants I had the least amount of interaction throughout the year…and so I have the least knowledge about the 3 here…Probably Amrit can describe these guys much better! Vedant, got to know him a bit when we went together to the VP in December…Had enjoyed the time! Ronit Musharray, baat toh kabhi nahi hui, except the ‘hi bhaiya’s in the corridors! And Bhavesh, probably the only one from whom I have ever heard some praise for the hostel ka khana!!

So guys that was it! Finally completed this after a delay of 10 days! And I did put up many photos! Have a look...

So what next? Next, what I think would be coming up is an entry about my class mates and friends at the girls’ hostel! I’m not sure now! Let’s see…..:-)


  1. waiting more "egerly" for ur entry on the grl hostellers...;) ;)

  2. hey..jst saw ur was gr8 fun readin it.....did nt have an idea ov ur writin blogs...

  3. Amazzzzzinnnn.......BLOG............... THNK U SHOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D..... ♥ ♥ ♥ ..............

  4. dude........truly fabulous......reminds me of our days.....but just a change in scenario that juniors were only 6+3...........i still remember you people entering in the room for intro.....God those were the days.......u'll miss them much more...believe me......

  5. your blog is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love it!!!!!!!!
    and thanx for what u wrote for me!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. kunal,the_____,ye________ kya hai??????

  7. Wouldja plz define "That's the room!"?
    nywat it's really cool......liked it a lot!


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