Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Delhi Darshan - Part 3: Akshardham Visit Continues

We then moved on to Bharat Upvan as it was still not time for our turn at the exhibitions. This 22 acre garden is just opposite the monument. Although everywhere it mentions that it is very beautiful, I didn’t find anything khaas there. 65 bronze statues of India’s great men, women and children are displayed here. I somehow missed The Sun Chariot and The Moon Chariot with its 16 deers. The view of the monument from here is majestic. By then it was almost 5 PM.

Next we moved to the Exhibitions waiting area. Around 5.30 we entered Hall 1: Sahajanand Darshan (Hall of Values) (pics above)– Universal values for mankind are presented from the life of Bhagwan Swaminarayan through films, light and sound shows with robotic figures. Everything here appeared so real, mainly in the robotic dramatizations. We were running from one room to other every 4 minutes. The sound-proof rooms have large theater screens filming short videos and maximum had robots. I think I do remember one with a real waterfall. Everything has been done with so much care…I was left astonished. We left this Hall after the 50-minute program to enter the next Hall and the one I most anxiously waited for. On the way, as it was already dark, we saw the beautifully illuminated temple.
Hall 2: Neelkanth Darshan (Giant Screen Theatre) (pic above)– Ever saw a 6-storey high movie screen? Even I hadn’t, before this. Projected on an 85 ft x 65 ft screen, a large format film vividly portrays the true story of an 11-year-old child-yogi, Neelkanth Varni (The young Bhagwan Swaminarayan). With a cast of over 45,000 people and shot in 108 locations in India, the film takes the viewers on an exciting pilgrimage of India. Ever imagined how large Mount Kailash looks from Mansarovar. No? Come here and have a look in this theater. In fact I was more interested in the hall than the movie! Seating capacity approx. 432 people and many were sitting on the stairs. After the 40-minute movie, we moved to the next hall.

Hall 3: Sanskruti Vihar (Boat Ride)(pic above) – A spectacular boat ride through 10,000 years of Indian culture, which flourished on the banks of river Sarasvati. A swan shaped 15 sitter boat standing on tracks. We sat on it. And it was like a merry-go-round. As the boat started moving, it slowly dived into the water and then we were floating with no one paddling. I think there were automatic wheels running below the boat and I don’t think the water was more than 2-3 feet deep. We were floating in a narrow tunnel with the boat hitting the banks every now and then. We sailed through the world’s oldest Vedic village and bazaar, through Takshashila- the world’s first university, the caves of Ajanta, and much much more. At the end of the 14-minute ride, I was and am still confused about this: how did the boat get hold of the track again when it was time to rise from the water? I don’t think any of my concepts (written above) is wrong, but then questions do arise: Were the tracks always there and they were so constructed that it would appear that we were floating or was it something else? I have no idea! If you can, please solve this mystery!

OK, back to the story. We moved out of the Hall. This was the last one. It was already 8 PM by then and very cold outside. The fog was setting on. We still waited to see the Musical Fountain show (pic above) at 8.15. It started off quite boring (I actually asked uncle why they couldn’t put some rocking music from some movie instead of this boring classic melody! I think I forgot it was a temple!) but then it was very very entertaining. We actually enjoyed it and said ticket ka paisa wasul ho gaya. We then moved to Premvati again and had some nice masala dosas for dinner. The Souvenir Shop (no less than a mini-palace) was our last destination and we got the New Year calendar, a few book labels and a DVD for remembrance of our memorable trip. At 9.10, we moved out, with the Prasad, got our things from the cloak room and drove home (after losing our way once). At 10.20PM, we were at home, completely exhausted and ready for a good night’s sleep. The Delhi Darshan Day 1 was successfully completed.

The Akshardham visit is one in millions. One has to undertake it to fully appreciate the beauty of everything there. The reason is quite clear why they don’t allow cameras. Even if they do, you are not going to get a camera with such a high memory capacity. Everything you see, you want to capture. But still, you miss many things. Even after the 8-hour visit, which could have been extended at the cost of our legs, we missed a few things. May be, another visit for that…
I don’t see any reason as to why Akshardham is not included among the 7 Wonders of the World!!!

The Delhi Darshan posts (1,2 &3) were quite boring, isn’t it?? The grander the place, the lengthy the description!
[Please note: All the images in this entry were found from Google Image Search]

Monday, December 29, 2008

Delhi Darshan - Part 2: Akshardham Visit

We waited in a car queue for some time and then after a brief security check of the whole car, we were let in, into the huge parking complex. I think there must have been atleast 500 cars already there and there was space for many many more! We took some pictures, from the parking area, of the temple. We had to then keep everything (camera, mobile phones, all food items, baby's bag, aunty's hand bag etc) in the cloak room. Nothing is allowed inside. We then entered the gates after a brief security check and then through the main entry after another brief check. Security is strong, I must admit. And I think it must have been made stronger after 26/11. But, I couldn't find even a single policeman in the whole temple complex. Aunty said the temple authorities have their own security people and they don't need the police. True, everything was so well-organised…

Our first view of the whole temple complex… towering over us at a distance was the 141 ft high Akshardham Monument. Built of pink stone and white marble, without using steel, the temple complex was built over a period of just 5 years with over 3000-4000 workers from Orissa and Rajasthan each.

As it was almost 2.30 by then, we decided to take lunch first and then visit around the huge complex. The huge Premvati Food Court serves fresh, pure vegetarian food, snacks and drinks. My young cousin was quite surprised to find pizza being served in a temple. We had the tastiest chole-bhature, poori-subji, rice, pizza and ice-creams (since the day was a bit warm!) all for a mere cost of 290 rupees (If you are not a Delhite, let me tell you that the pizza alone would have cost above 200 anywhere outside in Delhi). We then started our tour of the place at 3 PM.

Passing through the Ten Gates (representing the ten principal directions described in the Vedas) we entered the Bhakti Dwar (208 sculpted dua forms of God and His devotee decorate this splendid gate). Inside this grand (everything is large, huge, big and grand here!!!) hall, I saw a huge (again!!!) reproduction of the Guinness World Record Certificate, certifying Delhi Akshardham to be the largest Hindu Temple in the whole world. Akshardham in London is the largest Hindu Temple outside India. We moved out of the hall through the Mayur Dwar (869 sculpted peacocks adorn the two gates and ‘if you have the time, patience and the eye, you will have a wonderful time in counting them’, this is what the plank describing the Dwar says).

Our first glimpse of the Swaminarayan Akshardham right from the front was here. Here we see the holy footprints of Bhagwan Swaminarayan (carved out of white marble and bear the 16 sacred signs of God) in memory of his incarnation on earth. There is much more to the place than just the temple. We got our tickets for the Exhibitions, for which the minimum waiting time was 2 and a half hours. We then moved to see the temple. Even water bottles are not allowed inside this welcome-to-all-religion temple. Seated in the centre of the monument is the 11 ft high gold plated murti of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. Around the inside of the temple are 9 magnificent domes, 20 pinnacles and over 20,000 superbly sculpted figures. No agarbattis and candles could be seen anywhere. (Atleast I didn’t find them!). We then moved out.
The Mandovar or the external wall of the monument (611 ft long and 25 ft high) comprises 4,287 carved stones and includes 48 Ganesh murtis. 180 ft of beautiful metallic reliefs adorn the walls. The Monument rests on a 1,070 ft long Gajendra Peeth, which has 148 life-sized sculpted stone elephants each weighing more than 3000 tons. Instead of looking at these things closely, we were more interested in wondering about the beauty of the whole place. It is said holy waters of 151 rivers, lakes and stepwells of India have been ritually added to the Narayan Sarovar that surrounds the monument. But…there was no water there!!! Some reconstruction work was underway. Are they going to collect water from 151 places again? (All the waters look the same, so pour the water from Yamuna that flows nearby and say, ‘we have collected water from 151 places including Mansarovar’) No offence here! My personal view, that was.
The whole monument is surrounded by a two-tier Parikrama or Colonnade, each tier being 3000 ft long! Some parts of this were still under construction stage. But the view inside this was marvelous.

Part 3: Coming really very very soon...

Delhi Darshan Trip - Part 1

Plans started of very well on 25th. Day 1 was to be a trip to Akshardham starting by 9 AM and return by 4 PM. But... plans to bigad hi jaate hain naa... But this time it was for good. read on to see how...
Saturday, 27th December 2008 (Day 1)
Woke up at 7 in the morning first time in 17 days. By 10 we were all ready to set out on a full day trip to Akshardham. On the way, my uncle said, 'We can visit Lotus Temple, it wouldn't take more than 20-30 minutes, why waste another day just for this'. Although I was a bit reluctant at first but then I agreed.
So Destination 1 became The Bahai House of Worship: Lotus Temple. It is a temple of no religion. No idol is worshipped in the huge auditorium (or the Main Temple), that can accomodate over 1300 people at the same time. I don't think I need to give factual descriptions of the places, that can be found anywhere on the net. We moved on, checking the Delhi CityGuide Map every now and then.

The map did misguide us a bit since it was a 6-year old edition. So on Outer Ring Road we moved a bit ahead from what was required and thus thought of popping in at the (Destination 2) Indraprastha Park (Popularly known as Milennium Park to Delhites) and have a look at the Buddhist Temple there, which my aunty had visited on 9th (and I had only seen the pics). The Park is spread over an area of 34 acres (Is this much?). Seen in the picture above is one of the entry points: Gate no. 3.

Does that look familiar?(above)

Buddha and me (below)

By the time we moved again it was 1 PM. We now found the correct way (after a bit of enquiry) and went on the Nizamuddin Bridge trans-Yamuna. There are many many nurseries there and such beautiful flowers. From the road I could see one of the jhopdis with a Tata Sky disk!!! We moved on and saw the Commonwealth Games Village, under construction. Multi-storeyed buildings for the athletes to stay during the Games are under construction here. A bit ahead and we got the first glimpse of the dome of the main temple of Akshardham. Moving ahead and nearer to our destination, we just sat unblinking, looking at the vastness of the whole temple complex. Time was 20 minutes past 1 PM.

Akshardham darshan in Part 2. Coming really very very soon...(May be it is there already, even before you read this)

Friday, December 26, 2008

12 December- The D-Day

Well, I said I would make a separate post for this special day and for those who do not have an idea why this was a special day let me tell them, 12 December is my birthday since the last 17 years. You might think, what birthday one can celebrate with chickenpox. But...Read on to find out...
The day started, as usual, at 12 midnight. Quite many people were calling me at that time but I was not keen on picking up the phone. I kept it on silent. I wanted to talk to mama first. She called and wished me at 12:08 AM and I was very happy. I took my best friend's call next and tried to give some bahana but I think he was not satisfied. (Sorry, Now you know why)

Now wait a moment, I need to get the list of special people who wished me that day. All have been classified in groups below. Please have a look. (No problem if you (don't)know none of them)

First of all: Antarik, that's me :-)

Family: Mama, Aunty, Prem, Miku, Uncle, Papa, Aja, Ayee, Mausi, Mausa, Mamu, Maein, Som, Nana, Sonu, Maa, Kuni, Pinky.

From the Good old Place: Rakesh, Akhil, Pratyasha, Anjali, Somya, Ankita, Anjali Madam, Rout Madam, A R Panda Madam.

From the Nice new one: Somya, Amrit, Siddharth, Venkatesh, Rahul bhaiya, Meena Aunty, Vimi Aunty, Anju Bhasin Aunty.

And a bit late: Bindu Madam, Bansal Aunty, Abhishek.

A total of 38 distinguished personalities!!
Thank you to all of you for making my day so special.

And yes, a very very special wish from my sister, Pinky. Thank you!!

Now think... Could your birthday have been better? Even if you didn't have a cake or you couldn't go out, you have people from all over the country calling (may be for the first time) to wish you. Wouldn't everyone want that everyone should remember one's birthday. Atleast I wanted. And I got my best gift ever: love and best wishes from everyone.

Someone has correctly said: Distance strengthens relationships. (If no one said this, then I am saying it!!)

Do tell me, wouldn't you want your birthday to be like this (You can ofcourse remove the chickenpox episode!!)??? Now smile....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chicken pox: Go to hell...

Wouldn't you say that??? You plan for a great birthday at a new location, you plan for great weekends ahead, you plan to visit your friends at your old place and you are gifted with chickenpox!! What other reaction would you have, if not this??

9th December:-- Body garam...Feeling unwell...In hostel... Thankfully a holiday... So slept the whole day (almost)... At 11 PM, found something red appear near the neck...Saw in mirror...Thought must be a mosquito bite...But afraid that it might be chickenpox...My roommate had it 2 weeks back...

10th December:-- 7AM, got ready for school...Saw a boil on the left hand...Afraid...Went to the School Clinic...Doctor confirms: This is chickenpox & u must go home immediately...
10:30AM, Went to another doctor...She said complete bed rest for 7 days...(Oh no!!!)...No TV...No Computer...No bathing...No school...No coaching...No STUDIES... and so on...Slept the rest of the day...

11th :--Sleep...sleep...sleep...

12th December:-- I think I will make a separate post for this special day...

13th and 14th:--Nothing khaas...No more sleeping, though...thankfully...

15th December:--What an idea...(Don't ask me what's that!!!)...

16th, 17th:-- Working on that idea...

18th December:-- Called up my class teacher to enquire about the Annual Day. Got the entry pass into the auditorium...But! Chickenpox is the cause, I am unable to go for the Annual Day...It is on 19th and 20th...

19th:-- Should I call it just another day?? No... My dream and my idea had their Sriganesh done today...

20th:--That's today, right? Woke up at 10, had breakfast and then internetting...

Cold is setting on in Delhi...The extreme days are yet to come...

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Coming soon.....

Hi everyone

I didn't mean to dissapoint you, but... sorry... I couldn't make any posts in the last two months, may be bcuz I was a bit too busy (which I am going to be 4 atleast the coming 2 months or so) or I was just lazying around...

Some nice posts r on the way...

Coming soon..


Saturday, October 04, 2008

School life since August 2008---Exams!!

DPS has the tradition of Monday Tests, a test every Monday. I had my Monday tests since 28th July till 25th August. On 12th August, my Chemistry marks were out. I got 19.5 on 25. 19th- Computer marks – 20 on 25. Maths marks came around 21st- 33.5 on 40, although I deserved 31.5! On 20th, I had Physics test- I didn’t do well at all. I had not expected good marks. On 9th September, I got my Physics marks- 9 on 25. I had failed! This was the first time that I had failed in some subject and I know that this was the last time too. English test went well. There was a small problem of time management. I got my marks on 2nd September- 32 on 40 and some nice compliments with stars and smiling faces from maam. This was the end of the first cycle of Monday Tests.

My half yearlies started from 17th September and continued till 26th. I had not done well in any subject may be except English and Computers. Physics was the worst much much better than the Monday Test. I had just 3 minutes left at the end of my English paper. When I told this to maam, she said I should be very happy that I was able to manage my time well and had 3 minutes left! Normally in 11th and 12th, students complain of a lack of time to complete the paper.

29th September- English marks out- 83.5 on 100. there had been a calculation error in my paper and I had got 86.5. When I got it corrected, my classmates said I was a fool to go and get my marks deducted. But I know I was correct. Why should I get marks that I don’t deserve? My nanaji also supported me in this bold act of mine.

Physics marks were also out the same day. I got 35.5 on 70. I had expected 46. Papa said there is surely an improvement but next time it needs to be much more.

Chemistry marks were out on 30th. I have 46.5 on 70. This was half a mark less than what I expected. For all those studying in CBSE XIth, I have a question: Why do we not see a car moving in the form of a wave on the road? Correct answer is that car doesn’t follow the dual behaviour. My answer was, because the road is straight. Isn’t this commonsense??!!??!!

On 3rd October, my computer marks were out. I had expected above 62. I got just 58 on 70. My nested for-loop has become quite weak. Almost all of my programs were incorrect.

I am expecting my Maths paper on Monday. Surely above 75 marks in that.

After 106 days and 10 hours aaaand 50 more days

Well, it is quite late for this entry to come, but I think it would still be interesting for them, who really understand it. On 14th August, I came to know that Papa is coming here on 3rd September. I was very happy. Over the next two weeks, whenever I talked to him, it seemed he was completely confused about which clothes of mine he should get here. Around 1st and 2nd September, I got appointment for Papa from all my teachers, so as to enable him to meet them when he comes. I was out of the hostel since 29th August. That week, I was unable to concentrate in class (both at school and coaching) atall, always thinking about meeting Papa after over a hundred day period.

On 3rd, Papa’s train was late and he reached home around 6 PM. At that time I was in coaching. Finally after 106 days and 10 hours, I met papa! We chatted till around 1 in the night. Next morning, he went to my school to meet the teachers. Papa saw my school for the first time. On 6th, papa and I went to Pragati Maidan by metro from Dwarka, for visiting the 14th Delhi Book Fair. For the first time ever I saw such a large book fair. I bought a daily calender of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie there. We spent around 6-7 hours there! Now I am looking forward to visiting the International Book Fair. On 8th, we took a stroll through the local markets. It was hard to believe that papa was leaving the next morning. The whole day, on 9th, I didn’t feel good. I called up Mama and told her so. She said, don’t be sad by thinking that we are not together today, be happy by thinking that after a month we all will be together. Later at might my mathernal grandfather (nanaji) called up and told that mama has been crying since I talked to her. I didn’t know what to do. Is this what they call, ‘the pain of separation’?

Around 10 days later, on 20th September, my ticket was confirmed for going to Vellore in my Diwali vacations. I am very happy now. I will be seeing mama and Pinky after 158 days!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

First ride on the Delhi Metro on raksha bandhan

It was 16th of August. The day was a Saturday. It had not rained in the past 24 hours. The weather was sunny. Wait! Wait! Am I giving a weather report??? No, no, I mustn’t.

After 2 months of coming to Delhi, finally today I got the chance to have a ride on the Delhi Metro. I went from Dwarka Sector 12 station to Rajouri garden and back. I don’t think I need to describe the Metro. You can easily find all about it with a simple Google search. I wanted to go to all the stations in the route and back, but there wasn’t so much time.

First time ever, today, on raksha bandhan I couldn’t get rakhi tied on my hand by my sister. Get Well Soon Pinky.

Investiture ceremony

On 4th August, I got the news that I have been selected as the CEEC Vice President. Now this was something official and final. I was very happy. On 5th, I had the first CEEC meeting after becoming the post holder. As I am new to the school, and no one knows me, I had to introduce myself and had to answer a few questions about the environment. On 8th, 11th and 12th, we had some practice for the investiture ceremony when we would get our badges. The chairman of DPS Society, Shri Ashok Chandra would be the chief guest that day.

On 13th, after arrival of chief guest, the Independence Day Flag hoisting was held in the school grounds.It started raining. The rest of the programme including the Investiture was held in the overly-packed Chinar Hall which is popularly known as mini-Audi. Our principal welcomed everyone. He said we were not being given powers, but only responsibilities. One by one all the badges were awarded. Now I am an official school-appointee.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

At Hostel (From 14th July 2008 to 1st August 2008 with breaks)

I was going to leave for the hostel on 6th but due to some health problems (including vomittimg and loose motion), I finally reached their on 14th evening.

On 3rd July, I talked for the first time to my roommate, who is in my section. On 9th he took me to our room (just visiting) and I met my other roommate there.

The food is just बढिया here. Almost every day we have some different variety of paneer.
Internet lab facility for hostellers started on 21st. I am allowed to use the Internet lab (I-lab) from 3-4 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. I am given my cellphone on Tuesdays and Fridays alone. If I leave for home, then I have the phone till Sunday evening.

Now I am actually learning to dance! I am enjoying it. None of my old friends believed it. Nothing is impossible.

First month at School

Here are some randomly collected memories/facts/experiences (From 3rd July 2008 to 1st August 2008):
There is no regular morning assembly at this school!!!
The Library here is just awesome। I am registered in the Senior Library. There are two others: Middle School Library and Junior Library. The Middle School one is the best as far as looks are concerned… I have not yet visited the Junior Library.
I have started bunking classes here since the very first days। Can you guess which one?? The Physical Education or the Games period। No other period.
My English teacher is the HOD and I found her very humorous, right from the first class।

The Chemistry practical periods are a nice chaos (or a market as termed by my teachers at my old school)। We have been performing the Anion analysis test for 4 periods now! In the 2nd class, I got Potassium permanganate spilled over the left arm of my labcoat. It is not coming out. My practical teacher said: Agar ye sab accidents nahi honge to saal ke end me pata kaise chalega ki lab me kaam kiye ho??

I have joined the Environment Club (aka CEEC i।e. Council for Environmental Education for Children) on 8th July. The meetings are quite boring but still I like them.

I applied for the post of Vice-President of the CEEC on 9th July। I included a copy each of the Save Paper and the crackerless diwali articles I had written two years back. On 15th I had an interview with a panel of 5 teachers regarding it. It went very well. Everyone was talking so informally. I think I will get selected. On 22nd, the shortlisted selection list arrived. I am not selected. On 25th, I had a surprise interview with the Principal and the Vice-Principal. By mistake, my name was not printed in the list. Now I am anxiously waiting for 4th August, for the final selection list to come out.

I am liking C++ programming very much now। I am able to write some very complicated programs very easily.

We have a SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) period every week. For this we have one teacher for 1 month. In July we had the Psychology teacher of our school entertaining us. She is the school counsellor too. One period was spent on Time-management, another on relaxing-exercise and so on.
We are getting some assignments. Till now, two from Maths (AP and GP) and one from Chemistry (Stoichiometry).
I was made the display board incharge for my class on the 1st day at school. Work on it was finally underway on 18th. As of 21st, everyone (this includes me and 3 others) is now working seriously on the display boards. On 24th, a friend and I painted our palms and stamped on one of the display board charts. On 1st August, finally all 4 boards were ready.
I went for a check-up at the school clinic on 23rd. The doctor is a Punjabi and some years back she was in Berhampur.
On 24th, we had our first house meeting. I am in Sutlej house. The other houses are Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Jamuna and Ganges. A bit of prayer and discussions, thats all.
On 28th, I had my first Monday Test. Chemistry. I was not at all well prepared. I might lose around 20% marks. It was just a devastation. On 4th August I am having my Computers Monday Test: I am not at all worried about it. But almost all my friends are. Reason?? They don’t learn Computers in their coaching and don’t feel it to be an important subject.
OK…That’s all for now. One whole month in brief. Please don’t forget to leave your comments.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sorry!!! Coming soon!!!!

Hi everyone, everyone who is anxiously waiting for more updates to my blog...

Actually, I am currently in hostel and have been very very busy over the past 2 weeks. Moreover, I am having my Monday Test (Chemistry) on 28th and I am not at all prepared for it... mainly stoichiometry. But I promise, I am going to try and put more entries as soon as I can...

Instead of day-by-day entries, now I am going to post topic-wise entries...like...1st 15 days at new school/hostel/anything...So U can keep a watch....

Thanks anyways for reading this entry...


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Slept peacefully after 5 whole days!! Last night, I slept at 11 and today morning I woke up at 10. Since 5 days, I was waking up at 6 in the morning!! Computer was finally restored today. I have not been able to update my blog as there was some problem in my PC. I have some very interesting bits of information about my life in the last 11 days. I will be posting those soon.. Keep looking at this place for updates from 1st to 11th July.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

1st day at new school

I woke up at 6. Got ready for school. My chacha took me to school. My Orientation Programme was in the Lounge. The Principal welcomed us to the school: Said we need to bring our own tiffin and water bottle. We must not think that if we take these things we would be considered as small children. We are not allowed to take our mobile phone to the school. If we are found using it, we would be fined and if we repeat we would be suspended. Then we were taken to our respective classrooms.Everyone appears friendly (No one knows anyone, so obviously everyone would appear friendly).

First class was Physics. We started with Dimensional Analysis. Next was English. The teacher (whoever he/she is) was absent. During the recess, someone came and said there was ragging going on in the corridors. We were afraid to go out of class. Then came the Chemistry teacher. She told us about our syllabus, exams and school. I need to buy lab coat and specs. In second last period, the Maths teacher cum our class teacher came. My first impression about her was that she was a foreigner. She was very interseting. Talked for more than one period about school, we introduced ourselves and asked our queries. Maam has given us homework to surf the internet and find applications of sequences and series. Nice work to start with.

Came home. Fooled everyone, saying that this school is very bad, angry teachers, unfriendly students and so on…

To summarise, my first day at my second school was great. I didn’t feel for a moment that I had been to a new school 1500 kilometres away from my school!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hostel mates and Section

At around 4 pm I with my chachi went to the hostel to meet the warden. I found the names of my to-be roommates. They are new guys at the school too.

In the night, I found information about my section and class teacher in the school site. There are a total of 476 students out of which 210 are new ones. A total of 11 sections (4-Computers, 2-Biology/economics, 2-Economics, 2-Commerce and 1-Humanities) for 11th.
Let’s see what new things I am going to face tomorrow…

Monday, June 30, 2008

Wished my parents for their 19th wedding anniversary. I clearly remember: last year on today’s date, my parents had taken me and my sister for dinner at a new Garden Restaurant. At that time, did any of us ever think that next year on this day we all would be under such circumstances that papa and mama would not even think of being able to enjoy the day?

OK. The day began… I went to my new school (henceforth mentioned as ‘school’) in the morning. Waited for over two hours, just to get the receipt of my hostel fees! Had gone at 10.30 and returned at 2.00. Got uniform, shoes etc from the uniform shop at the school. I tried the uniform at home (I look like wearing an Indian Navy uniform!!!) School timing is 7.40-1.40. I shall join the hostel next week.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What a day!! Yesterday night my chacha said that he had received a call from DPS VK offering me a hostel seat. I didn’t believe him at that time. Today morning, he went to the school and got the hostel form and documents. I read the hostel rules 2-3 times. They suggest you to carry a mobile phone here. You can come home every weekend. They serve only vegeterian food, but that’s ok.
I talked to my parents. They said they would prefer me staying in hostel of VK than anywhere else. In evening I talked to some of my teachers, a friend and my maternal grandparents. All of them said I should prefer hostel. And by 10:40 PM, I was quite confident that I am going to stay in the hostel here at VK.
But then……after chacha returned from office, he said the school authorities of DPS RKP have called me for admission tomorrow. Oh no! Now I was in a complete mental dilemma. RKP has been my dream school but…I don’t know what to do.
Confusion Tension in my mind, not any time to think.
I talked to my papa again, he said I should prefer VK. Here I will be in the top rankers in the class and teachers will pay attention to me. But at RKP, I am being selected just due to a special request and not on merit basis. I will be the lowest ranker in the class and I will get only…that sympathy type of thing…You understand, right?
So, now what? Finally, I decided it has to be DPS VK hostel where I will spend my coming months.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Actually I thought of writing this entry yesterday, but to give a good start, I thought of posting this today. Read on… to understand what I mean…
Life can change so fast that when one looks back one feels: why can’t I have that time back? Why can’t I spend my time with my family just like any of my friends? Exactly 3 months ago, i.e. on 24th march, I had been to DAV Burla. The next day was my science exam and frankly speaking I was very very nervous. At that time I never thought that it would be my last day in that school. ‘Last day’ in the sense that I had gone there to study. I mean I never thought that exactly 3 months from then, I would be anxiously waiting to join a completely new school or that my closest family, that is to say, my parents and sister would be 1500 kilometres away from me. I never thought I wouldn’t meet my teachers and friends, one last time, as a student of DAV Burla. I can’t do anything now, can I? two days back, my best friend said I was very lucky. But, with so many misfortunes coming one’s way, one can’t be lucky.
It is true that since 8 may 2007, I had prepared myself to join DPS RKPuram this year. But isn’t this another misfortune: that I couldn’t get through just because of 0.1%??? Well, whatever may be said, I know I am not that lucky.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Please see the previous entry to understand this. My relatives checked in at 12:10 AM and I with my chacha returned home. I had my first glimpse of international flights from the road while returning. I could only see their tail. Due to a gate in the wall, I saw the whole body of an Air India flight. It was not as large as I imagined it to be!
In the afternoon, I had my first visit to HDFC bank of this area. It is much better than ICICI: both in looks and facilities. Next stop was Subhiksa store. It is not like Big Bazaar where price is low with many qualityless products. Here actually you save something on MRP. We saved Rs 12 on Surf Excel. MRP was 240 and we got it in 228 with a rin bar free.
For the first time in my life, I made tea today and served it.

My first ever visit to an international airport. I went to Indira Gandhi International Airport- Departure Terminal 2 to escort some relatives of mine.
My first step in the airport fell at 11:45 PM. The deparure terminal looks so nice (international standard) and the arrival one: which village is this??? The airport is being continually expanded and soon it will be connected by underground metro. Work is underway.
I couldn’t enter into the airport building, as one needs a valid-flight-ticket for that. And of course, I didn’t have that. I am not yet international!! The day ended in the airport. See the next entry for what happened next.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finally I am sure that I will be spending my next one year and nine months in Delhi. Went to DPS Vasant Kunj and completed my admission formalities there. Now I can call myself a student of this school.
The things I am hearing from some people here about DPS R K Puram, it is quite proven that ‘A book can never be judged by its cover’. I don’t think it is safe to write those things here. Even if I get a chance, I’m not going to study at DPS RKP ever.
A suggestion for all those who are aspiring to join this school in coming years: Don’t ever be confident that you will be selected in the merit list. Don’t forget to apply in other schools/colleges too. I am telling this because I almost did this mistake. Follow this simple funda: ‘Don’t worry, be happy’.
Let’s see what happens next…

Monday, June 16, 2008

What a day! I think I posted something seriously wrong in my 9th June entry: the bit about the most shocking news...
At 2 pm today, I myself saw the most shocking word of my life: "REGRET".. This was in the 2nd selection list of DPS RKP. I didn't know what to do then. My Aunt (choti chachi) consoled me... yes, I was actually crying...for not being able to fulfil my more than one year old dream. Later at around 5 in the evening, I checked the school site for the 2nd list of selected candidates.. And to my horror: I was not selected because of just one-tenth percent... i.e. just half a mark. My Papa called and said there must be something good at why I was not selected. Well, lets wait and watch. We can't do anything now, can we??
Now one thing is sure: Tomorrow I am going to take admission at DPS Vasant Kunj and I am not staying in a hostel.
I visited the Vasant Kunj DPS today morning and had a tour of my going-to-be classes. Around 40 students in a room and the rooms are quite spacious with beautiful view of the gardens below. At that time, I didn't think even for once that this is supposed to be future.
God really has many surprises, both good and bad, in store for us always.
I can see the plus-points of not going to DPS RKP too- I would have stayed away from my family but now I can visit any place in Delhi and NCR whenever I want (as I am not going to stay in hostel). I don't think there is any other plus points, although there are so many minus-points: difficult to mention here.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My morning started just as always. The first place that I visited in this Delhi tour of mine was the Green Chick chicken store. For the first time I saw an air-conditioned chicken store. Then I visited DPS Vasant Kunj: the school was closed for weekend. So I just saw its buildings from outside, its huge gardens and playgrounds and my name in the selection list on the notice board. Next my Uncle had some work at ICICI bank in the premises of Indian Spinal Injuries Centre-Super Speciality Hospital. So it became the first big hospital that I saw here. Time for visit to another school: I toured a part of Mother’s International School in the Aurobindo Ashram campus. They don’t take external students for admission in eleventh; otherwise this school was my first preference after DPS R K Puram. This is supposed to be one of the best schools in Delhi. On my way I saw the NCERT campus: this is the place where all our textbooks are printed. Earlier I had spotted the Qutab Minar from quite a large distance on the road. While returning back home my Uncle pointed out the JNU campus: its… so… so huge…One of its walls connects Vasant Kunj to Vasant Vihar: a distance of about 8-10 kilometers!! One can imagine how big the campus might be…

At around 7:20 in the evening, I saw, for the first time, the biggest shopping mall in India (a very small part of it is in the pic above). My uncle said there is a 1 km walk on every floor in the atrium. And there are how many floors? Why don’t you count… 3 basement floors (usually called levels -1, -2 & -3) for parking; the ground floor and 7 floors above it. So a total of 8 ½ floors for shopping and 2 ½ floors for underground parking. The -1 floor has a huge Big Bazaar too. What I estimate… it would take 3 to 4 24-houred days to move around and see each and every thing there. Oops sorry… I forgot to tell the name. It is the Ambience Mall by the Delhi-Gurgaon Express-highway number 8, just after the Toll Gate with 16 lanes each way.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Today I actually started writing my blog. All the entries before today’s date were posted today with an earlier date. In fact just today I came to know what a blog is. You can expect better entries here in the coming days: that would happen if and only if you post your comments about my writing. That’s all for today then. Happy bloging!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reached New Delhi railway station at 10:25 am: 10 minutes before time. Saw Delhi metro for the first time. Surfed net comfortably after 26 whole days! Some more good news for me: I have been selected in first list of DPS Mathura Road and Mothers’ Public School. But I think I am going to join neither.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Going to Delhi by Rajdhani Express. Sitting in Rajdhani for the first time ever and going to Delhi after 3 years, 6 months and around 10 days. I had wished to seat in an Air-Conditioned coach from so many years and finally I am here. First we were served tomato soup, then a nice Indian lunch. I had coffee, for the first time in my life, with the evening snacks. Got down at Kharagpur station to inspect how long the platforms were. Two trains in one platform. Long but not so long. Asked Papa over phone and bought ‘The 3 mistakes of my life’, Chetan Bhagat’s latest book. Thought of completing the 257 page book in train itself. Had continental dinner around 9 pm and slept at 11 pm. The lights had been switched off since 10 and I was reading the book with the help of flashlight in mobile till 11.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Applied for admission at Mother’s School, Bhubaneswar. I am bound to be selected there as that school’s topper has secured the same percentage as me. My paternal Uncle (cha-cha) applied at DPS Mathura Road. At around 6 in the evening, Uncle called and informed that I’ve been selected for admission at DPS Vasant Kunj… He seemed very happy. Yesterday his voice over phone clearly told that he was very sad. I have been giving so many people so much pain lately… Admission at Vasant Kunj ends on 17th. So we can wait for DPS R K Puram second list scheduled to be released on 16.

Monday, June 09, 2008

I was at Bhubaneswar. My maternal uncle, through my maternal Grandpa, (mama) presented me a mobile for standing second in class. Got the first call from a friend of Papa’s. At around 8 pm, my paternal aunt (chachi) called me & gave me, may be the most shocking news of my life: I have not been selected for admission in the first list of DPS R K Puram. It has been my dream school since 8 May 2007 (the day, I came to know about it). And now? What am I going to do? Is my future doomed? The cutoff for Computer Science stream was 94.8%. I was left behind by just 0.6%!!! L

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Traveled alone by train for the first time (from Bhubaneswar to Sambalpur): I was not afraid. Principal Sir was very happy about my result and he said my teachers were very happy too.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Almost couldn’t sleep at night. Woke up at least once every half an hour. Am I really so much nervous for the results coming out today?

Finally, woke up at 6 am. Waited impatiently for someone to call over phone and tell me my marks. I had never imagined that I wouldn’t be able to see my results myself. I never even thought that my parents and sister won’t be with me (physically) when my results are out. I couldn’t do anything. One needs to adjust with the situation as and when what it demands. Ok… enough emotional stuff…

At around 8:20 am, my sister called and said!!!94.2%!!! Wow! 0.1% more than what I actually expected. Great! Almost all family members and some family friends called to congratulate…but…not 95%... L … Papa had presented me the 7th Harry Potter book on the condition that I must secure 95%...

Sanskrit Sir is the happiest today since I have known him. After all, four students out of seventeen don’t score cent percent every other day. I didn’t have the faintest idea that I would score highest in English in my class. I didn’t stand first in class due to just one mark. But I never expected I would be a position holder in class (after 12 years with no mention in the top three, who would expect?). Board exams are after all, the only real EXAMS!!!

Papa has applied online for admission in Delhi Public School (DPS), R K Puram. I am quite sure I would get admission there.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Woke up in the morning. My cousin said I was saying something in my sleep. I clearly remembered the dream I had been watching: I was standing at the base of a multistoried building clutching my Board mark sheet and completely heart broken. Almost all my classmates were standing on top of the building with cheerful happy faces. I was sad and glum. I had secured below 92% and almost everyone was above me. My best friend had stood first with above 97%. Our usual class topper had secured just 93%. Oh God, why am I having such nightmares??? Am I so nervous for the results? Will I really not get my expected 94%?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

First entry: What a DREAM !!

I don’t know why I chose this day to start my blog. I just did it. I have written so many things here which are not even in my diary: some quite emotional stuff. One thing that I would like to make quite clear from the very beginning is that whatever is written in this blog is completely my personal experience and my feelings. They are not meant to hurt any person any time in any way. Most importantly, I need your comments about my writing style: if it is difficult to understand or if I sound quite boring or whatever you wish. Well, now I need to start somewhere…

My morning started quite early that day. Normally I wake late on holidays but may be that day was special. I went for Maths tuition at A K Tripathi Sir’s at 6 in the morning!!! This might be my last class. During my midday nap, I had two, almost beautiful dreams: First- My Principal Sir Mr S K Bhoi is congratulating me for standing first in class with over 95%. I was shocked. J Oh God, please make this true! Second- I am meeting Shah Rukh Khan personally at some theatre (This should come true). When I took out my autograph book to get his autograph, no blank pages were left in it. Oops!! This should never come true.
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