The Experience That Was 2010

Over a hundred entries in a span of 30 months, out of which over 45 entries came in 2010 and out of that thanks to my Year End Entries, one-fourth came in this last one month. Wow, it’s not just the numbers which are big, this year what I write has seen a gradual change and that has made my blog ‘big’ qualitatively.

Till the end of 2009, it was just me and my life that used to feature in my blog. I kept writing on and on about my so-called boring life and I did get a few people who actually went through each entry and shared their views with me. This year, starting right from January when I saw 3 Idiots, and wrote an extensive entry regarding it, my blog writing style started facing a change.

I started topic based writing as I felt that relating certain topics of common interest with my life may bring a new life to my writing styles and probably my readers would be more interested in reading that. Yes, I was correct. This was something I was never good at, but slowly I found this art easier to craft.

Starting July, when I literally had nothing to do, I started writing about topics. Delhi and the Delhiite showed how life in the capital is and how it has affected me. KBC, INR and ME showed how a popular face of Bollywood had the power to influence a billion people in accepting something new. Do Not Read This actually showed the curious mindset of humans. Nau Baj Gaye Kya? ushered in my excitement to get into the popular TV reality show. The World in 2050 (Part 1 & Part 2) was an attempt to showcase how much the world can change in another forty years.

But I think the best ever entry that ever came to exist in my blog was the award winning entry “Thoughtful Thirst for Words”. Written as part of a competition at my college, this entry created an uproar which helped in building up zeal in me to write more and better.

Well, I think this was a year when I actually started understanding the psychology of my readers. I understood what my readers like to read and I wrote more in that direction. Yes, there was surely a loss of my personal interest somewhere but I won’t deny the fact that appreciation is something that I love to hear and I can do anything for that (which I know is not something good all the time). Moreover I somewhere feel that thanks to the many Free SMS services introduced by the telecom operators, I started making my blog commercial. No I was not earning anything financially. But yes, I was getting more web-visits and more people were getting to know about my blog. I liked it! :)

Well, I know this entry comes up at a time when all my fellow friends all over the world are partying hard and celebrating the last hours of this year while anxiously waiting for the New Year to come and bring new opportunities in their life. And I am sure I would get the first readers for this entry only next year. But whatever may be the case, I had to write this entry as my last entry in this most eventful year of my life. I hope you had a good time in reading this. Enjoy the New Year! :)


  1. This is the first time i am commenting... :)this comment is for all your posts! Your posts are just AWESOME ! i have been reading your posts regularly and i am just loving it.....

  2. Well J...i wanna say just one have grown a lot....and em sure d process is gonna continue.... Wishes for an awesome year ahead... :)

  3. Thank you so much Anshuman and Somya! And wish you a very happy new year ! Njoy! :0

  4. Go ahead. 2011 is having many gates open for you. Grow continuosly without stopping. Happy New Year.

  5. How do u knw dat its d most eventful yr f ur lyf???
    Nt xpecting nethng eventful dis tym???
    HNY '11

  6. @Pallabi: Most eventful till now! :)
    Happy New Year!

  7. :)
    happy new year yet again
    write more of the interesting stuff this year... :D


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