Fashion Trends Face Drastic Changes @ MBICEM

Antarik Anwesan, New Delhi

6 December: It’s been just three months at the Madhu Bala Institute of Communication and Electronic Media and my perception of Delhi’s so-called “ultra-modern teenagers’ ultra-ethnic fashion trends” has changed completely! I have been observing this since some time now and it was just today morning that I realized the importance of the clothes you wear to your workplace and what effect it has on the people around you.

[Wait a minute, I need to check something. Umm… What (fashion trends), Where (my college), When (last 3 months), Who (my college mates), Why (something happened today morning) and How (by observation). Okay, I have put the 5 Ws and 1 H of media writing (I am sure if my Writing for Media lecturer reads this she would be having a hearty laugh!)]

So coming back to the point…

[Following chronological order]

Before coming to college I had for sure imagined that this place would be one where one’s dressing style would matter a lot, especially when the college is located in the national capital- supposedly a very ‘posh’ area! I remember having a class discussion on the very first day of college about having uniforms in college and at that time I had supported the statement with the fact that it was a headache for every teen to get dressed for college each day and look the best amongst his/her peers. I myself had practiced this for some time. I say ‘some time’ because my perception changed very soon.

[Varied openings of sentences]

“One of the best thing about our college is that here no one is considerate about how we dress, unlike the scenario at DU”, said a friend of mine in a recent discussion of the topic. No body here judges you by how you ‘look’, in fact I am sure the ease with which people here ‘read’ each other’s body language (that exclusively does not go for my faculty) is something I was awe-struck on finding out! People’s perception of how you are is determined by your attitude rather than your dressing style!

But the main reason why I am inclined to write this ‘out-of-my-box-thinking’ kind of entry suddenly today is quite different. The external practicals of my seniors started today and the way they all had dressed up to look ‘decent’ to the external examiner is something I couldn’t help but notice. The guys in formal shirts and trousers and the girls in salwar-suits! “Lag raha hai aaj MBICEM mein insaan padhne aaye hain (Seems as if today humans have come to study at MBICEM)”, remarked a friend of mine. Haha… I am sure he was correct in saying that! I don't mean that those who are not dressed in formals are 'animals' or something else. In fact I am myself one who hates formals! What I mean is just that it was just weird to see my seniors dressed up in such a different style! MBICEM is facing some really drastic fashion trend changes! Haha…

And now I am wondering what I should wear for my practicals next month? I don’t have even a single pair of ‘formals’!! Never thought a need to buy those!! Aren’t those what adults were??

This is surely going to be an awesome experience…and I am sure this time you enjoyed reading this entry…awaiting your comments!

P.S.: I have ignored the fact that while writing a news story we should avoid using ‘I’ and ‘you’! Hehe… 


  1. its awesome ... n seriously aaj wahan saab insaan laaag rahe they ....

  2. jab hmare practicals honge tab hum b insaan lagenge...

  3. The kicker is out of this world- fantastic......good build up to the story....

    But there are some factual errors in yo piece, example: "No body here judges you by how you ‘look’".....WRONG....the looks are definitely a parameter, here....

    "Seems as if today humans have come to study at MBICEM" is a controversial statement, i can get easily offended by interpreting that you meant that if ppl who dont wear formals are animals....

    Dont write at the end of a such a wonderful piece "comments awaited" shows how desperate you are to get the 'likes' n the views....however, we all feel good and want others to like the stuff we write....

    P.S: superbly written, i wish I had the kind of flow you have....

  4. The great dramatist G B Shaw once said, “we don't bother much about dress and manners in England, because as a nation we don't dress well and we've no manners”. I think, it applies so much to India today. But, talking about MBICEM, I think sometimes, the viva becomes a dress rehearsal for the industry.... anyway.. for me, the bottomline is you can buy as many new dresses as u can, wear formals for 'occasions', but you can't buy elegance and class..... I hope, I am not too harsh here...

  5. I agree with Himansu when he says that you should not request for comments. You should not expect bouquets all the time. Brickbats are also part of life. Let people react themselves. People have the natural tendency of not reacting at all when they like or agree with you. Most people react when they do not like. This negativity is inbuilt in human nature. Jesus treated 20 lepers, only one turned back to thank him.
    Dress sense is one important aspect of personality. Although attitude is definitely the major factor dress cannot be ignored. Formal or informal does not matter. You must look decent. That's it.

  6. awesum yar!!!!!! 1 dum mast!!!!

  7. haha...nice....use of "writing for media" rules is interesting....and use of sarcasm and satire is cool too ! :)....good piece of "art".... :) ;)

  8. Mast!!
    I must say college has improved your writing a lot!
    Keep it up.

  9. hey, it was really a nyc entry........ but i dnt understand wat is dis 5 w n 1 h...... neways, coming to the point of formals, jst come to vssut,burla. i'll lend u sm gud pairs of formals coz dats wat the boys wear here. if u say, i'll lend sm salwars for ur frenz too. we re nt allowed 4 jeans....and 1 mr thing, its gud to knw that nw a days, u also think about ur dressing style... seems, kch to badal rahe ho............

  10. @vishal: thanks! :)
    @pratyasha: Who, When, What, Where, Why and How- These are the 5 Ws n 1 H of media writing..
    n yes, ab thoda dressing style ka sochna pad raha hai...hehehe.....


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