Part 5: You thought I forgot you?

Well, first time ever I am writing for these people. Yes, I have never ever written anything for them ever. I hope after the successful launch of the batch website, these friends of mine, the ones from my school at DAV Burla, are not feeling left out anymore. Or are you?

No, I haven’t got so busy with my life that I have forgotten you although I remember I made an entry regarding this very thing but no, I can’t ever forget you!

Two and a half years since I left DAV and just a few months since I left DPS, and if I compare the two I can easily make out the difference. At one place I had friends who were with me for almost twelve years and at another for just two years. At the first, I had people who knew me really very well. At the other, ek saal to bas ek dusre ko jaanne mein hi nikal gaya!! The friends I had in DAV I never got too much attached to them emotionally. But still, today they are the ones who are in regular touch with me, know what I am doing when, stay regularly updated with my blog, leave their comments and they are the ones who I turn to for any kind of help if I need in my sentence structure corrections! Contrasting Classroom Chaos! Hehehe…

Probably the one thing this year that brought me and in fact all of us close together was the launch of our batch website on 10/10/10 at 10:10 AM. Thanks to this website, we got in touch with so many of our batch mates who we had lost contact with due to some reason or the other. The hard work of just 6-7 of my friends led to the creation of the largest database of information (of our batch) that one could find anywhere on this planet! The job was well appreciated by our school principal and teachers and we got a huge footfall of almost 250 web visits within 24 hours of the site’s launch! Thank you so much everyone for your efforts! And thanks to this launch party, some of us could plan a get-together at the school on 9th October and meet each other after such along time- almost two years! Wow!

These are the ones who know that I don’t need to tell them how much they mean to me. Since we have known each other since the time we can recollect our memories, we have, kind of, accepted each other as inbuilt parts of our lives! We know each other, our families know each other, we know each other’s families and everyone’s families know us! How can we ever forget each other then?

Well, now I fall short of words. And that is because I don’t know how to describe the innumerable memories that I possess with these people. Longing to meet you soon…Take care!

So what do you think I am going to write in Part 6, which comes up in another twelve hours? Keep your fingers crossed! And do check out the earlier parts if you have missed them. Click here for Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.


  1. Memorable days they were.... And will be forever....

  2. vartika..AMAZING!!i think u shud add this word to the "reaction" option!:)

  3. nicly written.!!! thnx a lt 4 making us bind 2gedr..!!!! while reading ur entry my mind was occupied wid innumerable memories........ really missing those sweet moments...!!!!!!!

  4. i can relate with the things mentioned in this alot !... i share your memories of ndtv first visit (i was there too..remember ? )...we have a common frnd so that can be under "hidden relations".....:P :D

  5. well well well.......reading Part5,i got the answer 2 all my queries J..... :)

  6. so, finally, u wrote about us..... For u it was 12 years but for me it was only 17 months but it meant a lot to me.......... I would ve murdered u if u ld not ve written about us , the famous DAVians...................

  7. Thank you so much for your comments everyone! :)
    @tanvi: i guess you commented on the wrong post. Anyways, yes i remember the first NDTV visit and u.And yea, partially correct about the hidden realtions! ;)
    somya: What queries??
    @pratyasha: haha...i couldn't have forgotten to write for u!!


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