Part 9: So who tops the list?

Over the last 5 days, you have seen eight entries coming up here, which have listed the most influential people in my life in this last year of the decade. Now comes the last entry in this 9-part series which talks of the one person who tops the list of the most influential people of my life this year. And as I have maintained throughout the series, even here it is up to you to figure out who I am talking about. No names here again!

This has been a year with loads of ups and downs in my life, both personal and professional. I had no idea what I was going to study after 12th. I had no idea which course to prefer when I had got selected in more than one. It has all been an enriching experience.

Thanks to my confusion, I was travelling a lot and had my first air-travel experience as well (along with two visits to the cockpit where the pilot allowed me to click pics with him). There were times when I thought history was going to repeat itself, but it didn’t. There were times when I was actually thinking of all the promises that I had made to my friends but had been unable to adhere to them due to some reason or the other. There have been times when I have had no idea of what I was doing with my life. There have been seriously, a lot of such confusing and depressing times.

This was a year when people noticed that I was thinking beyond my age. This was the time when I got to know what exactly the ‘Psychological and Individual Differences Theory’ means. And frankly speaking, my Selective Exposure was very narrow, Selective perception was never expanding but Selective retention was, as usual, excessively strong. (I know that my non-BJMC readers may not be able to understand what I am saying! So I would request them to head to Google and find it out!) But whatever may be said, this was a very excessively eventful year in my life.

My previous eight posts have reflected knowledge about people who I said have influenced me this year. But, I don’t think without my permission, any of them could have done that. In fact, I believe it is always we ourselves who influence our thoughts, ideas, beliefs etc to get influenced by others.

Well, yes, you guessed it right, I declare myself as the one who tops this list of the Most Influential People in my Life in 2010. :)

Well, as you might have noticed, there is still 16 hours to go for the year to end. So probably you can expect another entry which comes up tonight at 8, my last entry in the last year of this decade! Till then you can enjoy my previous entries by clicking on the links in the side-bar!! Enjoy the last few hours of this to the fullest but do take care! :)


  1. hey, this is the best!!!!! Recognizing the inner self is the greatest and the most important task of our life. U r always a unique piece and i xpect u to be at a very unique place of ur life............ Happy new year.......

  2. Ha Ha Ha... Gr8 suspense...

    Realy true dat we r d centre f wht we evr do...
    N our actions hv only 1 entry path whr dey hv 2 pass thru our mind...

  3. @Pratyasha: What do u mean "u r always a unique piece'..Hahaha...:D
    @Pallabi: True..! :)

  4. hey i read all your posts related to most influential person and truly this one is the best.
    we shudn't expect anythng from anybody bt i m disheartened antarik.i ws expecting atleast ONE line specially dedicated to me.
    wel its problem.
    keep up the grt work.
    best of luck.
    happy new year!

  5. May i pls have the pleasure of knowing who u r Mr/Ms Anonymous???


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