The World in 2050!

In a recent class assignment where we had to design the front page of a newspaper, I made a paper named The Sunday Indian Herald dated 25 December 2050. With some help from the internet, I compiled stories to be published in it. Have a look at some of these and enjoy! 

IH Completes 1 year as India’s only printed newspaper:
With today’s issue ‘The Indian Herald’ completes one year of success in the print. After the last newspaper printing press was shut down in April 2039 after all newspapers were converted to epapers, The Antarik Anwesan Co. & Ltd, in October 2049, decided to re-establish the age old tradition of newspaper reading in the printed format. Specially designed to keep the memories of our senior citizens intact, of how they used to get news from a printed paper when they were kids, IH has been successful in getting over 2,000 avid daily readers now, 80% of which are in the above 60 age group.

Population of India tosses China to No. 2
New York: It is now officially declared that India has passed China, excluding Hong Kong, as the most populous nation in the world according to the UN. The two nations "met" at 1.593 billion people  each. The population of India is estimated to increase to 1.768 billion by year 2070. The reason for the switch on the population throne is the lower fertility for China that will continue to decrease the number of Chinese to 1.532 billion for the next 20 years.

First civilian heads to Mars: 
Washington DC: At a press conference here on Friday evening, it was announced that the first tourist heading for Mars will be the 38-year-old US businessman Patrick Clifford. He will leave the earth in the launching window of June 2052 and set his foot on the surface of Mars in November, together with the other 6 astronauts assigned for the mission to further explore the planet. Patrick now has two years of training ahead of him to get ready for the trip. Not only will he spend five months in getting to Mars, but another 600 days there before he can go back home. Patrick was of course very excited: "This has been my dream since I was four, and seeing the first man on Mars 7 years ago made me realize that it was possible.” To be able to pay the US$ 1.3 billion for his ticket for the trip Patrick sold his majority stake in the business empire his father had built. "I know that my father would have been proud of me if he had still been alive today, he knew what this means to me", says Patrick. There is no risk though that you will find Patrick begging in your street corner when he comes back, rumors says that he was paid twice as much for his part of the company. So, how is he going to spend his 600 days on the red planet? "Well, since I don't have a job when I get back after selling the company, I have plenty of time to come up with a new business idea", he says and laughs. If he brings a shovel he can start building the first hotel there, but maybe he shouldn't expect too many guests until someone can offer a lower transfer fare.

Once bitten, police turn Barabati into fortress:
Cuttack: Cuttack police provided heavy security to the Barabati Stadium, which hosted the fourth ODI between England and India here on Saturday. Security was further tightened following the blast at the Har ki Pauri in Haridwar on Friday evening, which killed a girl aged two and injured at least 35 others. The police were extra cautious since the day-night match was held on the day of the Babri Masjid reconstruction anniversary. Additionally, the April 16 blasts outside the stadium during an IPL-37 semi-final, too, prevented the police from taking any chance. “The city police have been on alert since Friday, as December 24th was the anniversary of Babri Masjid reconstruction. Also, the cricket match being held is of high responsibility and all security measures have been taken to ensure the players as well as spectators are safe,” commissioner of police Shankar M Bidari said. As many as nine assistant commissioners of police, 40 inspectors, 60 sub-inspectors, 90 assistant sub-inspectors, 130 head constables and about 500 constables were deployed in and around the stadium as Andrew Strauss and Paul Collinghood walked in to bat. Traffic around the stadium was also under strict police surveillance. The traffic flow was smooth. Parking was allowed at only a portion of the BRV Grounds adjacent to the stadium, due to the ongoing Christmas eve celebrations. Vehicles were allowed to park on connecting roads and also in Central Park. “The number of security personnel has been doubled from that of last time. Security lapse led to the previous attack. This time, with the kind of security cover, nothing can go wrong,” a senior officer, guarding the stadium, said. However, a few men were seen fleecing motorists by charging them Rs 200 to Rs 1000 as parking fee. The ODI was the second international sports event in Cuttack after the April blasts. The first was the Asian Grand Prix at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium in June. Following the Haridwar blast, police went into overdrive and beefed up security at bus stands, railway stations and other places.

So what do you think now? Will 2050 be something actually like this?
Do let me know if you would like to read more such stories. There are some more which I haven’t put up here!


  1. Marvelous imaginative piece. But probably the grammar needs a bit refining.Good Luck.

  2. wow........... antarik............ ur articles are getting modified at the same pace with which u r getting .................. I simply luved it............ Beautiful imagination.......... Yeah, do put the other stories n i do believe the world 'll surely turn out in this way... Let's wait and watch if the earth survives till then...........

  3. This is the most innovative of all articles in ur blog. Really nyc! Appeard quite true. Bt, r thr places lyk Central Park n othrs realy present in Cuttack?

  4. Can I please have the other articles appearing in our newspaper?

  5. @Pallabi: I dont think there is any place called Central Park in Cuttack in 2010...And that was a fictitious writing...kya pata, in 2050, Cuttack actually has a Central Park like New York City!! :D


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