Part 7: You deserve a special mention

I like the number 7 for a reason which might appear very stupid to you. (Yes, it’s related to Harry Potter! :D) And because I like this number, I thought I should make this entry for some people who I wrote about in Part 6 but thought they need a more special mention. This comes for a few people at MBICEM who have influenced my life to the maximum in the last months. Again this entry comes without the names, but with excessively high number of hints!

I think I should start with that friend who I got to know about on facebook 3 weeks prior to college starting and for one whole week in my ‘big’ college, we both couldn’t meet each other!! Wow! Well, it was a big surprise for both of us when we met finally, thanks to NDTV! And over the months for sure our friendship has nurtured well. :)

Next is the one who gave me shelter when I was a ‘fuccha’ at this place. Yes, I was afraid to be with this person initially. But till now, I haven’t found even a single reason to complain. Thanks to this guy, I was able to know many things about this new place and its people, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. A lot of similarity was found between us. Well, the senior-junior relation couldn’t be maintained for long. And for good, it has already changed to ‘brothers’! :)

The third is the one who probably tops my list of the Most Influential People of 2010. This was the one who happened to share his birthday with me. And as Sagittarians, many other character traits also matched! Emotional attachment did grow between us. And this last birthday of ours has become the longest celebrated and the most memorable for both of us! :)

There are a few more who I want to write about but I think I should wait for some more time to get them the special mention which they might deserve!

For now all I can say to these three people is a BiG Thank You! :)

And if you are wondering what’s next on my blog, well, I can just say, it’s not the New Year yet. So a few more influential entries probably? Keep a keen eye! And till then, if you have missed the previous entries, you can check them here: Year End Entries, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6. Enjoy! And I just noticed that this entry contains 7 paragraphs exactly! Wow!


  1. :)
    i'd still say take the names
    idhar toh its clear and those ppl wuld knw
    but baaki mein... :P

    cum to think of it... u never wrote much abt vkhostel
    jst one entry??... tch tch, i expected more... :P

  2. thnks alot!!!!!
    names r nt neccesary......
    i can recognise myself.....once again
    thnx alot!!!!!

  3. @mangu: LOL!!! Yea...i never wrote much for to exist hi nai karta...hai naa??
    @anirudh: sai hai!! :) :)

  4. Hi pops
    2day finally i read most part of ur blog. The one that touched me the most was ur article on uncle pai. How can i forget Balance rs. 3. I got the first hand report. Keep up the spirit of adventure boy and keep writing


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