Part 3: I was nothing without you

With the last two entries of mine being about my hostel mates and friends at school, of course I couldn’t have left my teachers out! The teachers who were the guiding force behind my ultimate success in my boards!

The contribution of the six people who taught me in my last two school years is something unforgettable- I know that is something very easy to say, but I am sure if any of the six are reading this, they will know the true essence in these lines. I was a hosteller, away from my home and they were the ones who actually saw me struggling day and night to get hold of that “better score”. All the extra labour they put in, the special classes they arranged for me, the everyday scanning of my newly made notes that they did, the special five minutes they dedicated to me in their class each day, seriously I can never forget all that. Had it not been for their selfless attitude and uncompromised help, I could never have been able to score that well in the boards! I got 78.8%, and I was really happy about that. Half of my study had been made complete by these teachers of mine. Had I not received their guidance at the right times, probably I would have had to wait another complete year to clear the boards and reach college life! Thank you so much!

Yes, I was the teachers pet. I have got used to being called that since probably the time I got to know what it meant! And I don’t mind it, so it’s ok! :) But, it was not just academics that made me close to these teachers emotionally. I was the good boy. Even after leaving school I have been in touch with all of them regularly and I am sure all of them know exactly what I am doing and when. My recent visit to my school for the alumni meet was just a platform which I got where I could meet these most influential people of my life. And my friends were actually surprised when not only the teachers who taught me but many other teachers who just happened to know me by the many meetings in the corridors when I was in school, said that they were all updated about my many NDTV studio visits and were waiting for more! Well frankly, I was exalted! :)

In my last weeks at school, these were the ones who helped me in many non-academic spheres of my school life. I used to be so frustrated at times and not willing to study at all, I was confused about what I was going to do once the boards ended, what entrances I should give, what is good and what is bad for me- they were the ones who provided me with the proper counselling at the very right times. I am really thankful to them for everything.

Today when I meet them, the few moments I spend with them are moments of great pleasure for me. I am sure they feel the same. They have always inspired me to chase my dreams. Science was never my cup of tea, they are happy that now I am not doing something that wouldn’t make me happy. I am doing what I love to and I am happy. I am really thankful to the Almighty that He provided me with such inspirations who never ever in two whole years said that I, an Engineering student, was doing the wrong thing by not taking up IIT as my aim! Thank you Sirs and Ma’ams for being there for me! Thank you for everything! And please do miss me as I miss you all a lot!

And I really feel proud to dedicate this 100th entry of my blog to these special people of my life! :)

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  1. :)
    u always were a teacher's pet
    but not our warden mahashai's for sure... :P


  2. Hey man you are indeed the most honest and sincere guy I've seen in my life. I'm so lucky to be your friend.

  3. @mangu: haha...sai baat hai!!
    @Mr Anonymous: may i pls know ur name??

  4. Sincerity pays. I am sure you have understood this now.


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