Part 8: I exist, thanks to you

Yes, this is a special entry. For the first time in two years and seven months of my blog writing I am going to write about these people. They are the ones who have known me the longest. They are the ones who have known me the best. They are the ones who I term as ‘my family’. By ‘my family’ I don’t mean just my blood relations. Some more people have gained the opportunity of being included in my extended family! And I don’t know how to write this entry without mentioning the names! Well, I will try, let’s see…

This was one year when a lot of people in my family have influenced me in a lot of ways. There are some who never ever forgot to wish me luck before each paper of my board exam and the innumerable entrances that followed. There are some who have talked to me and have influenced my decisions of a future career about what I should not do. Well, I guess, some is a very useful word! :)

Being the eldest son in both my maternal and paternal families, of course when the question comes for a new decision, I have everyone telling me what to do. And being the eldest in the new generation also means that every experiment has to be performed on me. Ideally, a sense of responsibility should come to me (agar main aisa karunga, to mere chote bhai behen kya sikhenge?)

There have been some very bad and very good situations which I have been through this year. I am happy that I can proudly say that no matter what, my family has always been with me, supported me whole-heartedly, helped me out when I have needed help and have cared for me more than anyone else.

I am reminded of a dialogue from Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion: Thankfully there are some people who love you unconditionally. Their support for you continues when all other supports get withdrawn.

I am really lucky to have such a wonderful family. Thank you so much for everything! :)

Coming up next tomorrow morning at 8, exactly 12 hours from now: Part 9: “Did I leave anyone out?” Keep thinking…And till then you can have a look at the previous Most Influential Entries: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7. Keep reading!


  1. seriously...
    i have dual thots 4 this year..
    it was the best in some ways..n at some it could have been better!!
    n ya..i loved madhur bhandarkar's words!!
    very nicely written..go on!:)

  2. Being the eldest in the new generation certainly throws some responsibility on you. And you have already set the example for all by following your passion, going out of the conventional thinking. A liner from a recent ad on TV "Bacche aaj kal naukari nahin passion dhundte hain" describes you better.

    And if you don't mind, the word "These" in the first para should be replaced with "They" to be literally correct.
    Keep writing correct English. In this era of abbreviations it will be difficult to find many people writing good language. Wardsworths and Shakespeares must be reeling in pain seeing what havoc technology has played with literature.


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