Part 6: Your wait is finally over

Probably now it’s finally time to mention those people who have been the most eager to see me write something for them. These are the ones who I see almost everyday. These are the ones who have probably not yet got bored of receiving my messages promoting my blog entries each day. These are the ones who have been telling me how much expectations they have from me if I write something for them. They are the ones who have been regularly keeping themselves updated with my blog even before I let them know of a new post, just to check if I have written about them yet! Yes, these are my friends at MBICEM. My college-mates! And the ones who will be with me for at least the next 3 years! Your long wait comes to an end guys… :)

When I joined college, it did not take me much time to come to the lime-light. Thanks to many reasons for that, some of which I like and majority of which, I don’t! My first few weeks at MBICEM were great. We had the NDTV visits, the Bloggers’ Day, the Teachers’ Day celebration and this was the time when our visits to Select CityWalk started. It took me some time to get adjusted with the ‘busy’ schedule of my classes. And after that, life took a different turn. Suddenly I was focussing on friends. The best thing about all this was people were starting to know me.

Initially I had thought of maintaining a cordial relation with everyone who comes in my life’s path. I shook hands with all and returned a smile when I got one. I maintained a care-free attitude with everyone- I was the Happy-Go-Lucky types! Thankfully my college was different from other colleges in Delhi, or at least different from what I had thought college life in Delhi would be like! And I liked this fact!

I am one person who is not-at-all good in maintaining a healthy social life. It takes me a long time to just start a conversation with a stranger. I get to know very few people that ways. And the advantage of this becomes that I get to know those ‘few people’ very well. Same has been my case with my college mates as well.

Probably just 4 months is a very less time to say anything about anyone’s over all personality. But yes, these 4 months have been amongst the best in my life in terms of the masti we have had. Starting right from the first NDTV visit discussions in the very first week of college to the endless birthday parties at various locations spread round the capital to the late night chats with facebook addicts, it has all been a wonderful experience for me till now.

Here I have met a variety of different people.  I have friends who have supported me in many bad situations. I have friends who have helped me in many ways to change my ‘selfish’ attitude by influencing me in ways unknown to them. I have friends who have told me about my short-comings, my negative traits, my not-so-good areas (in short, the BLIND Johari Window) and I am thankful to them for the same. And not to forget, the various people with whom I have taken shelter for residence have surely influenced me a lot in the past months.

This has been the place where I have discovered many hidden relations, have come across a variety of people who think so differently different from me and sometimes share the similarly same thoughts as me. Some way or the other everyone here has taught me something.

My camera is one thing which I always carry with me to all places no matter what! And I wasn’t surprised to find 10 GB of photos already in the memory with just two months of college life! A short memorabilia was able to materialize from this!

Frankly speaking, the things I have written about here have got a huge number of hidden meanings which clever people with a keen eyesight and deep memory would be able to locate. For others this may sound as a generally written piece of material which talks about all the ‘general’ stuff! I believe, this has been one of the most difficult entries that I have ever made. There are a few reasons why I am saying this. First of all, I had too much information which I wanted to put in this. Second, because of my policy of not mentioning any names, it was difficult to make the first reason materialize! If you got confused somewhere, then do go back and read the entry once again, probably now you would understand where ‘hiddenly’ I mentioned you! :)

Hope you had a nice time in reading this. In part 7 which comes up in another 12 hours, you can expect something special! Any guesses?? No? No problem! For now, you can have a look at the previously published parts of the Most Influential People in my life in 2010 by clicking here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5! And if you don’t know what is all this about, then check this one out: Click here! Enjoy!


  1. yeah finally the wait z over n u wrote sumthing about us(mbicem frnz)...most interesting part was d camera thing n who can forget ur xceptional way of saying 'smile'...devote one blog 2 ur camera also

  2. dharini is right..your camera is your best freind "i think" but nywez thnks for d entry of us(mbicem frnz)...

  3. superb....!!!! quite articulately put out thoughts n experinces....your diary must have helped you a lot while writing this, m sure :P
    nicely done brodr.....

  4. u kno wat antarik..dis is da 1st blog of urs wich i hav read..nd i found it really itrstng...:) nyyycc.....smiiiillleee....:P

  5. evn i've read ur blog 4 d 1st tym n its butiful... really lykd it...
    n i sum wat understud wat u hav written...
    smieeelllleee :-)

  6. fnlly wait is over n we came in the blog..thanks antaril..:)..
    its really a nce 1!!

  7. @everyone: a big thank u for ur comments! :)
    And yes, SMILE.......probably i might actually make an entry abt it...sometime....keep an eye for it...:)


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