Part 2: Couldn’t have missed you out

Well, when I wrote about the 3+3 Idiots yesterday, of course I couldn’t forget the so many other people who were with me at all times: to support me at my bad times and so this Part 2 entry goes for all of them…

The hostel didn’t comprise of just my batch this year. The last 3 months I spent there, they were probably the ones in which we had the maximum interaction with our juniors both in the boys and the girls hostel. The wonderful farewell we received from these people- seriously, that was ‘unexpected’-yes, that’s the D-word! I was RGV of the hostel! And the song that was dedicated to me then, happens to be my hello tune now! (Call me up and check what it is, if you don’t know and want to know! :D )

Then there were my batch mates at the girls’ hostel, some of whom had the privilege of being termed as ‘bhabhi’ by me! I had some interaction with very few of them (those were seriously serious and funnily funny sometimes) and since one of them was in my section in school, we had some not-so-easily-forgettable conversations- funny, serious and suspense-ful!! I still wonder why these people don’t want me to upload their pics on facebook! Any answers? Surely they don’t look as ugly as they think they look in the pics!! Hehehehe…..

My classmates, a few with whom I had regular talks are thankfully still in touch with me. Even after leaving school we have met quite many times. For the suddenly planned and wrong 717 taken Science Centre visit and for watching the latest Harry Potter movie. Each one of them is at cornered locations now, in some cases outside Indian boundaries, but I am sure whenever we are able to make a proper plan for a get-together, it is going to be huge!!

But sometimes it actually feels bad when I realize that just a handful of them want to keep me in their memories and are in touch with me. I treasure this handful of people! Thank you for being there! The diary entries all these people have written for me (and mind it, I got the diary written only from my prioritized list of people), I still treasure those!

Thanks you for being a part of my memories and for being amongst the list of people who shaped my life in some way or the other. Thanks a lot!

P.S: After going through this entry and the previous one, probably you have noted that I have not mentioned any names any where. Well, yes, I am not going to mention any! (Although I remember a classmate of mine suggesting that I should mention people’s names for better understanding) I think I provide enough clues in each sentence that I type. It’s up to you to decipher the names! Go ahead…Good luck!

Coming up next tomorrow morning at 8: Part 3: “Guess who else now?”


  1. no names??....
    yaar, names k saath interesting hota... :)

  2. It is a good idea not to name anybody. People for whom the entries are will definitely understand that. Names or no names - readers who are not directly or indirectly linked with those memories are not going to appreciate it. Simple human nature: In a group photograph (in which you are also present) whom do you try to locate first?.... Keep your good work going. Let the suspense act as the stimulator.

  3. 1. no pictures, because, its unhealthy to cry looking at a computer screen. :P your mates in the girls hostel also suffer from a i-am-not-looking-normal phobia(as you would have noticed, we generally look retarded. :D ).

    2. its nice to have a mention in places like these. you always can turn up to cherish the good times and laugh about what all happened.
    so, thankyou, too.

    3. no point giving my name too, right? in your own words, It’s up to you to decipher! :)

    keep up the great work!
    love and luck!

  4. THIS is all u could think of me? :/
    esp now that its not evn there.
    bt its well written. lol.
    :) kip going. :)

  5. @mangu: i know yaar...but isn't the suspense much better?? Chk my Papa's comment above, u will understand what i mean to say...:)
    @papa: thanks :)
    @Miss Anonymous: Nyc comments...i agree...but u surely dont look retarded!! Ur welcome! N i guess, from the last word u have used, isn't this Lakshita?? ;)
    @Prerana: Ummm....i could have written much much more....but KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) is the first rule of media writing, which i think i adhered to here..! :) :D

  6. @Antarik: ahderence to rule of media writing???
    gr8 job bro!!! cul keep it up!!

  7. @anirudh: hehe...yea...and i am glad u r staying updated with my blog...may be an entry for u is in the making..!! :) :)


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