Part 4: You conquer the best parts of me…

Yes, I know I promised that there would be one entry every day, but this is the second entry for today. And if you ask me why, I would say that the list of people who influenced me just went on increasing and increasing as I thought more about it and so I found the need to increase my frequency of posting the entries here! Now you can expect an entry every 12 hours till the New Year begins! :)

With Part 4, now I move away from my DPS Vasant Kunj memories. And while this entry was originally meant to be a part of Part 3, but while writing Part 3, I thought it would be better if I separate the two and dedicate two different entries for my future makers! Yes, this entry again comes dedicated to my teachers, the teachers at DAV Burla and MBICEM.

I did my first twelve years of schooling from DAV Burla, a period of time which is almost two-thirds of the life I have lived till now! That was the place which taught me not only how to be a good human being but also how to turn my not-so-good areas of experiences into very good ones. That was one place where I spent my complete childhood, I met so many different types of people, so many new friends came and left, numerous teachers came and taught me, some of them have left, some are still there. The memories I have of this place can never be replicated in any form in any way at any future time. Those were the golden years of my school life with nothing to worry about as I knew there were people who were taking care of my weaknesses and giving extra concern to my strengths. It has been more than two and a half years since I left that school as its own student, but even today when I visit the place, I am still greeted with the same smiling and welcoming faces. My teachers remember me and I am sure they will always do. And for me, I am sure that I can’t forget them ever! I am still in touch with most of them and they are kept informed about all that I am doing regularly. My card reaches them each year on teachers’ day and I am sure they must be feeling very happy on seeing it each time. I myself get regular calls from some of them to know about what is going in my life. I still get advices and scolding on phone and it actually feels good that these were some people whose teaching didn’t remain confined just to the classroom walls. These are some people who are teachers in the term’s true sense! Thank you so much for being there for me! I miss you all a lot! Hoping to see you soon…

Moving on to my present time, I am really lucky to have got so many young faculties at my college. My college is not so big like any big institution but one thing is for sure: the kind of teachers I have got here, they can never be found in any other educational institution at this level of education. And this is not a vague statement that I am making, I am saying this because I have heard from many friends of mine about their teachers and the teaching procedure they follow in their respective colleges! I am not doing any buttering here if any of my fellow readers thought so, I am just saying the truth. Probably some of it was reflected in the speech I made on teachers' day this year! My teachers are hard working for sure and I wouldn’t stay behind from saying that sometimes it actually feels like I am back in school! The concern they show for us, for our assignments to be completed on time and then going through each assignment of each student to check for errors, seriously, hats off to them for their dedication! They don’t limit themselves to classroom teaching; if by chance I miss a class they help me out in completing the day’s assignments after getting a proper reason from me for my negligence! Hehe…! I would love to write many more things but I have to stay in this college for another two and a half years; so I need to keep some professional things in mind and not get too personal! Hope my teachers understand what I mean to say by this! :)

My word count right now shows a total of 757 words and that means this is the lengthiest Year End Entry that I have come up with till now! So, hasta-la-vista! And take care!

Keep looking forward to the next parts. And click here for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3! Enjoy!


  1. agreed antarik for our MBICEM'S teachers........mbicem rocks.

  2. In this era of absolute self-centered behaviour when someone remembers his teachers with such devotion it feels like a wonder. Hope your attitude will never change towards your teachers even if you soar Himalayan Heights in life. This is true greatness.
    Now can you understand why Mr. M K Gandhi is regarded as "Mahatma"?
    No, don't misconstrue my words. Don't be Mahatma Gandhi, be Antarik Anwesan.


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