Part 1: Friends Forever

Yesterday when I let everyone know about this special series of Year End Entries, everyone was so excited to know what and when I was going to write about them! I was actually surprised by this friend of mine who actually called me, emailed me and texted me to ask when I was going to write about her!! Wow! Seriously, I was surprised! And of course I hope you know that you can't expect individual entries for each one from me! If I start doing that, probably I would reach the end of 2011 as well and still not be done with it!! Hehehe..... :D

Now its time to start....

Well, I guess nothing other than my life at DPS Vasant Kunj Hostel can be a better start to this series of Year-End entries! So here it goes…

When I rewind, it feels just like yesterday when we, the 3+3 Idiots went up to the Vice-Principal of our school and complained against all the injustices that were being practiced on us in the hostel! That was 3rd January, a day before our pre-boards started! And now a year has passed! So soon everything has changed… That was a time when our unity was something that the whole school used to talk about. Now, it’s difficult for us to even fix a perfect time for a get-together! But yes, I can be sure of one thing: the time we spent together at the hostel has made us united forever!

Boards came. Results came. Entrances came. Again results came. Tension was building up. I was confused! Well, we were the 3+3 Idiots after all, we had to crack it! Got our admissions done and thus began our college life!

But wait, there was the longest summer vacation in between as well! Seriously…the four and half months! Don’t want them to be back ever! Having nothing to do for such a long time can be too boring and it indeed was! An empty mind is a devil’s workshop and so, I desperately wanted college to start as soon as possible!

I did find some ways to while away my time then. My first movie “Blissful Reminiscence of a Bygone Era” had its worldwide release on facebook on 14th of April. And then many entries found their way to my blog. A website was also released. Well, yes… that was the time when probably we all hostellers were missing each other’s company the most. And so these were a few small dedications from my side! Yaadein....yaad aati hain...

Now when I meet any of these friends of mine, the few hours we are together, they are actually some moments we treasure. The moments of fun in the two most memorable years come rushing back to my mind. 1st June, 14th July, 4th September, 11th December and 24th December- Ginti ke paanch din! But yeah…some one has rightly said: Distance sometimes endears friendship and strengthens it! Our friendship, was, is and always will remain the best! 

Miss you guys! Do well in life and do keep in touch!

Coming up next tomorrow morning at 8: Part 2- “Guess what it could be about?”


  1. i always liked the way u wrote and expressed... evn now... :)
    u have a way with words and i hope THIS is how u kip it up... :)

    miss the old times

  2. gud 1!!!!i msd my schl frnds too lot,..........

  3. slowly, i m going short of words to describe r entries......... yeah..... those days are really something which can't be missed out..........

  4. yeah......... i think when 3 get united, it leads to an unbreakable triangle relationship.. i ve xperienced too......... hope, u and ur frenz remain the same mention their names and how ur relationship started!

  5. it cud b bout d frnd whu met on fb n den it tuk olmost a week to find each oother woh b itne bade cllge mein!!!!!!

  6. Friendship is the most beautiful relationship in this world. Because it is selfless. Its beauty remains till it is not given a name. Keep your friends as friends only. Don't make them your brothers/sisters or anything else at anytime.

  7. @mangu: i knw..thanks yaar! :)
    @pratyasha: hahaha..but they r surely nt better than urs.... keep commenting! And why i have not mentioned the names, chk the Part 2, u will get the answer! :D
    @anirudh: yea...may be...keep ur fingers crossed!
    @papa: hmmm....i can understand!

  8. just read it!!too late..but it was worth it!!:D
    dps vk deserves mentioning it 1000's of tyms..few frnds n soo many memories!!
    its too early to say..but those two years have been the most wonderful n memorable tyms of my lyf..:))
    cheers to all the dps vk hostellers!!:)


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